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Pin Marking (Dot Peen, Stylus) Machines

SCHMIDT Stylus Pin Marking a nameplate

Pin Marking Machine Styles:

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Pin Marking Overview

What is Pin Marking?

Pin Marking, also referred to as Stylus and Dot Peen marking, is an electro-mechanically controlled carbide or diamond tip assembly that strikes the surface of a part in a succession of dots to create a permanent mark.

What kind of parts and material are best for Pin Marking?

SCHMIDT manufactures the Styliner® series of dot peen pin marking machines. These machines are computer controlled and are specifically designed to accommodate a variety of part shapes and sizes. They are capable of marking flat, curved, convex, or concave parts, as well as, irregular and delicate surfaces. The Styliner® marking machines are best used on metal and aluminum parts with the exception of some hardened plastics. For marking on plastic and organic parts, or for a more cosmetic mark on metals, SCHMIDT's laser marking systems are best suited.

What kind of marks can I make with a Pin Marker?

SCHMIDT's Styliner® pin marking machines can be used to mark 2d barcodes, 2d data matrix, logos, or any sequence of characters and numbers on your parts, sub-assemblies and finished products in accordance with ISO certification guidelines. The marking speed of all our dot peen markers is adjustable and can be increased for high speed, high productivity part marking, or reduced for a fine quality continuous line appearance, suitable for finished parts.  All systems include the capability of repeat marking of the same part, for increased mark depth. The standard dot peen (Stylus) pin is pneumatic in operation, however SCHMIDT also manufactures electric models as well.


Machine Capabilities

What are the different types of machine styles?

SCHMIDT's Styliner® pin marking machines are available as column mounted benchtop systems, portable hand held systems, or as separate marking heads to be integrated into your production line.

What size marking fields do the machines have?

SCHMIDT's standard Styliner® machine marking fields are 1"x2.5", 1"x4", 2"x3", 2"x4", 4"x4" and 8"x8". SCHMIDT can design and manufacture custom marking fields of any size, and has designed and manufactured dot peen pin markers with marking fields that range in size from as small as .5" to as large as 26".

Are the machines electric or pneumatic?

SCHMIDT manufactures a wide range of pin marking machines, both pneumatic and electric, which are all fully programmable and allow data to be inputted manually, bar code scanned, or downloaded from your mainframe computer or network system.

What are the Styliner® machine capabilities?

SCHMIDT's Styliner® pin marking systems have 4 axis capability. The marking machines incorporate “Z” axis capability, for adjustable marking depth, and part height variance.  The “Z” axis can be manual or automatic in operation. Optional “R” axis capability on mounted marking heads is available for rotary marking round parts.

Are their any custom options?

All of the SCHMIDT Styliner® machine series come standard or can be custom built to your requirements. With our in-house design and engineering capabilities, we can manufacture any Styliner® marking machine with custom features, accessories, marking field sizes, tooling, part feeders, and more, to solve your marking application needs.

Styliner® Machines

Available Styliner® Pin Marking Machine Series

SCHMIDT's Styliner® series of dot peen marking systems are available as column mounted benchtop systems, portable hand held systems, or as separate marking heads to be integrated into your production line.

Styliner Mark3 and Mark4 Column Mounted Pin marking Machines

Column Mounted & Benchtop Systems

The Styliner® Mark3® and Mark4® are column mounted benchtop pin marking systems. These machines can function as semi-automatic or be fully automated with part feeding systems.

Styliner Stinger portable hand held pin marking machine

Portable Hand Held

The Styliner® Stinger®, Super Stinger® & Ultra Stinger® are robust portable part marking heads that pack the same power of a column mounted system into a light weight hand held option.

Styliner separate marking heads for inline production marking integration

Separate Heads for Integration and Automation

SCHMIDT manufactures separate Styliner® marking heads and controls designed for automation and integration into current manufacturing operations. These marking heads can be mounted into existing work cells, positioned at the end of robotic arms, or designed to hang from a hoist or air balancer.

Custom Dot Peen Pin Marking Machines

Custom Machine Examples

SCHMIDT can manufacture any of our Styliner® pin marking machine with custom features. Machine examples include rotary fixtures, pneumatic clamping fixtures, part feeding systems, custom integration head sizes, sound enclosures, multi head systems, readers, verifiers and more. See the Custom Machines Tab on each Styliner® machine page.

Scribe Marking Systems

Scribe marking systems are an alternative to our dot peen pin marking systems for marking applications where work decibel levels would be increased during normal impact marking, (i.e., large hollow parts, sheet steel, automotive vehicle bodies, etc).  The drop and drag scribing technology virtually eliminates all sound associated with the traditional pin marking process.


Styliner® Videos

Dot Peen Pin Marking Machine Videos

These videos demonstrate some Styliner® pin marking machines in action. Our machines can be column mounted, hand held, or integrated heads equipped with a variety of accessories to help solve your specific marking application.

QUICK LINKS to videos: Hand Held | Round Parts | Nameplates | Shuttlefeeds | Pick and Place | Integration Heads | 2D Marking

Portable Hand Held Marking Video

Portable Hand Held Pin Marking

This video demonstrates our Stinger®, portable pin marking machine. These robust yet light weight hand held options come in various marking field sizes and can be equipped with a variety of accessories.


Marking on Round Parts and a Radial Mark Video

Dot Peen Marking on Round Part with a Rotary Chuck Device

This video demonstrates a Styliner® Mark4 dot peen machine marking around the outside perimeter of a cylindrical part held by a three jaw chuck rotary device.

Dot Peen Marking on the radial opening of a cylindrical part.

This video demonstrates a Mark3 Styliner® machine marking on the radial opening of a cylindrical drill bit.


Marking on a Fixed Nameplate Video

Dot Peen Marking with single Nameplate Clamp

Our Styliner® Mark3 dot peen marking machine equipped with a fixed nameplate clamp for marking single name plate tags. These clamping fixtures can be manual or pneumatic. For more on our Semi-Automated Nameplate Marking Machines.

Nameplate Shuttlefeed System Videos

Electric Dot Peen Marking on Nameplates with automated shuttle feeding system

Our Styliner® Mark3 dot peen pin marking on nameplates fed by an electric automated nameplate shuttle feeding system with nameplate stacker. For more on our Automated Nameplate Marking Machines

Dot Peen Marking on Nameplates with automated shuttle feeding system

Our Styliner® Mark3 dot peen marking on nameplates fed by an automated nameplate shuttle feeding system with nameplate stacker.

Name plate marking with automated shuttle feed system

SCHMIDT's column mounted dot peen pin marking machine with optional automated name plate shuttle feed system for marking nameplates and tags. Name plate tags are shuttled from the de-stack magazine into the marking field. Once the marking cycle is complete, the tags are then shuttled into the re-stack magazine.


Pick and Place System Videos

Dot Peen Pin Marking Nameplates w/ custom pick and place feeding system

This video demonstrates a SCHMIDT Styliner® pin marking machine marking on steel name plates using a custom built pick and place system and sound enclosure.

Pin Marking on nameplate tags with shuttlefeed pick and place system

This video demonstrates a SCHMIDT Styliner® pin marking machine marking on various sized nameplates equipped with a shuttlefeed pick and place feeding system.


Separate Integration Marking Head Videos

Styliner Integration Marking Head Mounted on a Linear Slide

This 2" x 4" Styliner® integration head has been mounted on an adjustable linear slide, equipped with a vertically mounted 3 Jaw rotary chuck for marking various diameter valve bodies.

Three Pin Marking Heads Simultaneously Marking One Drill Bit

A manufacturer of oil drill rock bit cones was looking for a part marking solution that would increase their production rate and reduce operator physical labor. SCHMIDT met this challenge by integrating 3 of our Styliner® pin marking heads into one system capable of handling their wide range of part sizes. This custom machine also simultaneously placed individual marks in three different locations on each part.


2D Data Matrix Marking with Reader and Verifier Video

Styliner® pin marking 2D matrix with reading verifier

This is a Styliner® Mark 3 dot peen pin marking machine with a power z-axis for programmable height adjustment to allow for variance in part sizes. This machine is on black anodized name plates using a 2d matrix vision system reader. For more information on our 2D matrix marking capabilities.