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Pin Marking Machines Designed Just For You

In need of a more customized solution? GT SCHMIDT specializes in a variety of customization Pin Marking Machines that will accommodate every project. From our selection of column-mounted benchtop pin marking systems, which are designed to handle the most heavy-duty jobs, to our portable hand-held pin marking systems that are fully equipped for strength to tackle the heaviest of parts.

No matter the project, GT SCHMIDT can design pin marking machines customized specifically for any application. For more information, call us at 847-647-7117.

Custom Pin Marking Solutions


Styliner with pneumatic pick and place

This custom Styliner has been equipped with a pneumatic pick-and-place part feeding system with embedded sensors to recognize different parts and determine proper position placement. It also has anti-tie-down dual palm controls for operator safety.

Mark3 with nameplate shuttlefeed

This Mark3 has a nameplate shuttlefeed for fully-automated nameplate marking.

mark 4 with pneumatic plate clamp

This Styliner® Mark4 was designed with a 20" x 6" marking field and equipped with a pneumatic nameplate clamp for marking custom size nameplates.

styliner with pneumatic part fixture

This Styliner has been equipped with a custom designed pneumatic part fixture and extended marking field for marking brake pads.

styliner with shuttle feed system

This Styliner has been equipped with two options for marking nameplates. A shuttle feed system for high volume size plates, and a removable clamp fixture that straddles the shuttle, so low volume or larger plates can be marked one at a time.

mar4 with rotary chuck

This Mark4 is equipped with a rotary chuck for easy and accurate rotary marking.

stinger with hook mounts

Stingers can be equipped with hook mounts that allow for easy storage and accessability at assembly lines.

stinger column mounted with rotary device

Our Stinger column mounts can be equipped with a rotary device for marking round parts.

stinger with custom side handle

This Styliner® Stinger was custom built with a side handle for the communication cable, to allow for marking inside a pipe.

stinger with magnetic stand

This Styliner Super Stinger has been equipped with magnetic stand off for added support in marking round parts.

styliner mounted on linear slide with 3 jaw rotary chunk

This 2" x 4" Styliner® integration head has been mounted on an adjustable linear slide, equipped with vertically mounted 3 Jaw rotary chuck for marking various diameter valve bodies. Watch the application video.

styliner with lighting and vision system

This 4" x 4" Styliner® integration head has been mounted on a horizontal linear slide and equipped with lighting and a vision system for marking firearm parts.

styliner with multi position dial plate

This Styliner® integration head was designed with a multi-position locating dial plate and a programmable "Z" axis for varying part height adjustment in marking assorted diameter drill bits.

styliner integration heads mounted on linear slides

Three Styliner® integration heads mounted on linear slides for simultaneously marking various size drill bits on three sides. Watch the application video.