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Stinger Series

Our portable pin markers are available in three styles: Stinger, Super Stinger, and Ultra Stinger. You get the same pin marking technology in all three, but different-sized marking fields. Additionally, we offer electronic versions of our Stingers, and accessories and custom options are available to increase the Stingers' portability and stability. 

Our Styliner Series Machines can be designed to fit your current project's needs by way of column-mounting, portable handheld units, integration heads, and even further machine customization. For every project, GT SCHMIDT is with you every step of the way.

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  • Standard marking fields:
    • Stinger: 1" x 2.5"
    • Super Stinger: 1" x 4"
    • Ultra Stinger: 2" x 4"
  • Durable molded plastic cover with adjustable part standoff support.
  • Choose from a trigger, keyboard, or custom signal actuation.
  • Interfaced with a robust, stable, and very flexible StyleWrite software package.
  • Controllers with self-contained internal PC (controllers without internal PCs are available).
Schmidt Stinger Series
  • Perfect for large, heavy parts that are too difficult to bring to a marking station.
  • The carbide stylus pin can mark up to 64 Rc
  • Great for marking most metals and some hard plastics
  • Capable of marking flat or round parts
  • Interfaced with a robust, stable, and very flexible StyleWrite software package.
  • Fully programmable for automated serialization and data coding.
  • Can be equipped with accessories for added support and marking stabilization
Stinger applications


  • 20 ft. communication cable with the pneumatic airline (custom lengths are available).
  • Pneumatic Requirements: 85 psi, 2-3 CFMs. (not including the use of any other pneumatic accessories). Electric machine versions are available. 
  • Weighs only five pounds.
Stinger with hook mounts

Stingers can be equipped with hook mounts that allow for easy storage and accessability at assembly lines.

Stinger with magnetic stand

This Styliner Super Stinger has been equipped with magnetic stand off for added support in marking round parts.

Stinger column mounted

Our Stinger column mounts can be equipped with a rotary device for marking round parts.

stinger with custom side handle

This Styliner Stinger was custom built with a side handle for the communication cable, to allow for marking inside a pipe.


StyleWrite is our Windows-based pin marking software that features:

  • External Data Connections: Text files, Ethernet, and Serial.
  • Menu-driven WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) operation.
  • Import vector images.
  • Scale, rotate, and position images, logos, and fonts.
  • True radial marking.
  • Twelve standard fonts are included with additional fonts available.
  • Variable marking speed, character height, and marking depth.
  • 2D data matrix and vision system capabilities.
  • Automatic date code/time stamping.
  • Serial marking incrementally – infinitely variable in either ascending or descending order.
  • Save different part numbers in files for quick retrieval and ISO traceability.
StyleWrite Software Screenshot


We offer two control options for our pin markers: PC Embedded Controls and USB Controls. Visit our Controls and Software page to learn more.

Combating Catalytic Converter Theft with Styliner Stingers

need a custom solution?

Our in-house design and engineering department has a full range of services and support to ensure that your marking application is successful.



At GT SCHMIDT, we design, build, and implement marking solutions that help manufacturers leave a lasting mark on their products, their companies, and their industries.

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