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Technical Support

For current customers, our technical support is available by email ( or phone (847-647-7117) during regular business hours. We are open Monday through Thursday from 7:00am to 5:00pm CST.  

If your machine is in need of repairs, please visit our Repairs and Returns page and use our provided RSO forms to begin the process. Machines or controls sent to GT SCHMIDT without an RSO number will not be accepted.

Below are some additional support resources including software downloads, software technical videos, and machine setup tutorials.  

Technical Support


Styliner® StyleWrite® Software

PC Requirements:

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • (1) USB port
  • 6 MB storage space

This software may be used with the following GT SCHMIDT controls:

  • MS WIN 10 Controls - The controller has an embedded PC with Windows 10
  • MS WIN USB Controls - Controller requires an external PC via USB port

If you are currently running an older version of our software please contact us to discuss your upgrade options.

Laser Software 

If you are currently using an older version of the SCAPS software, please contact GT SCHMIDT before upgrading the laser software. Not all versions of SCAPS are compatible with older hardware. Depending on what version you currently are using, upgrading may cause your laser system to stop working.

Technical and Software Support Videos

These step-by-step tutorial videos are for the SAMlight software that comes with our GeoMARK Pro, GeoMARK Pro RD, and GeoMARK Pro SM lasers.


SamLight User Interface

SamLight Hatch Settings

SamLight Mark Tab

These step-by-step tutorial videos are for the EZ Mark laser software that comes with our GeoMARK Eco and GeoMARK Eco Plus lasers. Learn how to create text, barcodes, serialization, and more. 


Overview and Zoom Controls - EZ Mark Tutorials

Barcodes, Data Matrices, and QR Codes - EZ Mark Tutorials

Mark Settings Overview - EZ Mark Tutorials

Creating and Manipulating Text - EZ Mark Tutorials

Serial Numbers, Date Codes, and Time Stamps - EZ Mark Tutorials

Outline and Mark Buttons - EZ Mark Tutorials

Working with Vector Files - EZ Mark Tutorials

Laser Fill Settings Overview - EZ Mark Tutorials

These tutorial videos are for our StyleWrite software that comes with our Styliner pin marking machines.  These videos give a step-by-step guide to some of the functions of the StyleWrite software.


Fixed Variable Function - StyleWrite

Update View Function - StyleWrite

Input Function - StyleWrite

Downloading StyleWrite Software

Prompt Variable Function - StyleWrite

Label and Go To Functions - StyleWrite

Path Function - StyleWrite

Checking if drivers are installed properly

Variable and Get Variable - StyleWrite

Get Variable Increment - StyleWrite

Get Variable, Variable Option - StyleWrite

Uninstalling StyleWrite software

How to set up your Styliner® Pin Marker with USB Controls

How to set up your Styliner® Mark 3 with PC Controls

How to set up your Styliner® Mark 3 (Electric) with PC Controls

This video helps explain how to set up text and logo marks.

Use barcodes and a bluetooth barcode scanner to send data to our handheld inkjet printer.

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