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Nameplate Marking Solutions for Infrastructure Projects

Sometimes directly marking parts and equipment used for infrastructure and heavy construction projects is too difficult or not even possible. Equipment may be too large to bring to a marking system or a part's surface may be uneven or too fragile to mark. In these situations, nameplate marking is a great alternative.

Laser marking systems and pin marking machines can mark nameplates with identifying and traceable manufacturing data such as serial numbers, stock numbers, lot codes, certification symbols, production data, data marks, logos and more. The nameplates can then be installed on parts and equipment. If needed, the nameplate can be removed when the information on it needs to be updated. You get the usual, permanent mark from your marking system but get increased flexibility by putting it on a nameplate. Additionally, nameplate marking is often much easier than marking a part directly.

To make nameplate marking even easier, GT SCHMIDT offers automated solutions.

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For Automatically feeding same-sized nameplates

Our automated shuttlefeed holds dozens of nameplates in a magazine on one end. It shuttles a nameplate into the marking field where the nameplate is marked. After the mark is complete, the marked nameplate is pushed out of the marking field while the next nameplate is shuttled from the magazine and into the marking field.


For automatically feeding different-sized nameplates

A variety of different-sized nameplates can be loaded into our Pick-and-Place system which can then be programmed to pick up a specific nameplate and placed into the marking field. After marking, the nameplate is moved out of the marking field and the process is repeated with a new nameplate.

A nameplate marking solution for your infrastructure project

Nameplate marking is an effective permanent solution for product identification when you can’t mark a part directly. Our automated solutions can make this process easier and even more efficient, saving you time and money. The right nameplate marking option will depend on the details of your application. Contact us to discuss your marking needs and we can help you find the best solution for your nameplate application.

Get the right nameplate marking solution for your project