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Rotary Roll Marking

Rotary roll marking machines are ideal for making marks on cylindrical or tapered round parts in high-speed, high-production applications with minimal changeover. Parts are rolled across a concave type holder, applying enough pressure while doing so to create an impression. The resulting mark is less uniform than a traditional roll marker, but three times the number of parts can be marked within the same amount of time.  Rotary roll markers can accept parts up to four inches in diameter, though custom-designed units can be made for larger diameters. Marking application examples include parts such as sockets, welding tips, screws, drills, rods, flange nuts & lock nuts, and more. 

Our Series 19, Series 20, and Series 255 rotary roll marking machines are easy to automate or integrate into a production line. These machines can be equipped with a variety of part-feeding systems like bowl feeders, gravity chute feeds, hoppers, and carrier dials which provide a continuous marking cycle that reduces part handling and minimizes or eliminates labor.

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  • High speed, high production marking of flat or round parts.
  • Less operating noise than marking presses.
  • No impact damage to parts.
  • Quick tooling changes.
  • Can be configured with part-feeding systems.

Series 19

The Series 19 was designed specifically for drills and rods. These vertical-dial machines roll mark the outer diameter of parts that cannot stand on their own. The carrier dial picks up each part and transports it through the marking station, where it is rolled between the marking die and the pressure dial. Parts are automatically u nloaded by gravity.

Series 20

The Series 20 is a high-speed system that marks cylindrical parts or heavy-walled tubes that can stand on end or be fitted into slots in the carrier dial. Parts are loaded at random onto the horizontal, rotating carrier dial, which transports them through the marking station. Parts must be free to roll and strong enough to withstand marking pressure.

Series 255

The Series 255 is a rotary roll marker capable of making deep marks in cylindrical parts made of aluminum, brass, and other soft metals, and light marks in mild steel and other hard metals.

Accessories and options include a safety cage to keep foreign objects out of the marking area and a variety of part feeders for fast and efficient marking - hundreds of parts in just minutes and over a thousand marked parts in an hour!

The Series 255 can mark up to two rows of characters on parts up to 4" in diameter. For bigger parts, contact us for consultation at 847-647-7117.

Wedge type is used in a concave type holder for rotary roll marking on the periphery of round cylindrical parts.  Wedge steel type is a specialty type and is not carried in stock.  We can custom manufacture wedge type, please contact customer service for lead time and pricing.

Steel Type


Wedge type Holder

Series 255 Rotary Roll Marker With Optional Safety Cage

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