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Types of Traditional Marking: Press Marking Machines

Press marking is a versatile and widely used method in manufacturing industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and more. It offers a reliable and cost-effective way to achieve durable and permanent markings on a variety of materials, contributing to efficient production processes and quality control. These marks can include alphanumeric characters, logos, serial numbers, barcodes, and other identifiers. 

Press marking machines indent a whole legend in one downward stroke, using a controlled stamping pressure to eliminate impact and reduce noise. They are especially durable and are great for making deep marks, even in hard metals. They are also extremely efficient in making the same mark repeatedly, something that can be done even faster by equipping a press marking machine with part feeding systems for automation.


GT SCHMIDT offers two types of press marking machines. The Air-Over-Oil impact press uses air pressure to rapidly move the ram and hydraulic pressure to slowly squeeze the type into your part. The result is smooth and quiet operation combined with fast and efficient marking.

The Model 4 is a manually-operated nameplate detail press. It is simple to operate and effortlessly marks clear, easy-to-read characters on valve tags, dog tags, and nameplates with one short lever stroke. When the lever returns, the table advances automatically for even spacing between characters.


Press marking serves several important purposes in the manufacturing industry, such as identification and tracking, branding, and regulatory compliance. Is it the right marking technology for your marking application? Give us a call or complete the form below to discuss your marking needs; we'll help you determine if press marking or another one of our marking technologies is best for you.


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