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Part-Feeding Systems


The time it takes to mark multiple parts does not just depend on how quickly your marking machine can make the mark. It also depends on how quickly you can move parts into and out of the marking field. Our part-feeding systems can simplify and even completely automate that task, not only increasing marking efficiency but safety as well.

Part-feeding systems are particularly useful for high-volume marking applications. Our systems are typically used to feed nameplates of different sizes, nuts, bolts, and small cylindrical parts. However, custom fixtures can be made to feed all sorts of different parts and part sizes.   

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Part Feeding Systems


We design and build a variety of feeding systems for our laser markers, pin markers, and traditional marking machines. Below are some of the different types of feeding systems we have designed. Custom options for unique parts, different sizes, and specific application needs are available. For inquiries regarding part-feeding system options and customization, call us at 847-647-7117. 


Our automated shuttlefeed holds dozens of nameplates in a magazine on one end. It shuttles a nameplate into the marking field where the nameplate is marked. After the mark is complete, the marked nameplate is pushed out of the marking field while the next nameplate is shuttled from the magazine and into the marking field.

All shuttle feed systems are built standard to accommodate nameplates with a minimum thickness of .020 Aluminum, .018 Stainless". Nameplate sizes can range from 1/2" wide by 1" long up to 4" x 4". For larger nameplates, shuttle feeds can be custom designed.

Automated Shuttlefeed


The pick-and-place stacks several different-sized nameplates. The system then picks up a nameplate according to its programming and places it into the marking field. After the mark is complete, the system pushes the marked nameplate out of the marking place, then picks up the next nameplate to be marked.

Pick and Place Stack

Indexing Tables

Indexing tables are designed for laser marking one set of parts while loading another set of parts simultaneously. One half of the table sits inside a laser enclosure where parts loaded into a fixture are marked. On the outside of the enclosure, more parts can be loaded into another fixture located on the other half of the table. After the mark is completed, the table can be rotated to switch the positions of the two fixtures.

Indexing Table

Bowl Feeds

Bowl feeders orientate and discharge parts onto a feeder track. The track then transports the parts through the marking station. This set up is common for thin-walled cylindrical parts that require internal support for marking.

Bowl Feeds

Gravity Chutes

Gravity chutes are loaded from the top and drop parts into a support dial. The chute orients the part into the proper position and directs them into the marking field one at a time.

Gravity Chutes


When choosing a feeding system, consider these questions. 

  • What is the shape and size of the part I need to mark?
  • Do I need to feed a high quantity of the same parts or a variety of parts?
  • How many parts do I need to mark per hour/per day?
  • What marking technology do I want to use (or need to use)?


To discuss these questions and find a part-feeding system for your application, give us a call at 847-647-7117. We can talk about your marking needs and find a marking solution that's right for you.

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