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Types of Traditional Marking: Roll Marking Machines

Pneumatic and hydraulic roll marking machines use a rolling motion - either of the part itself or of the stamp that produces the mark - to mark round, cylindrical, and flat parts in high volumes. They have cross slides that rolls the steel tooling from left to right across a part. Characters are marked one at a time reducing the amount of force required to create the entire mark.


Pneumatic Roll Marking Machines

Pneumatic roll marking machines produce fast, deep marks with low tonnage requirements. They are great for marking mild steel, tool steel, and soft aluminum. With 1.45 to 3 tons of marking force, they are ideal for marking flat or round parts that require less pressure than a press marking machine or a hydraulic roll marker.

The Series 9 is a light-duty benchtop unit that offers clean pneumatic operation and outstanding performance with lots of operating flexibility. It is designed for manual loading and unloading of parts. It can produce up to 1.45 tons of pressure and has up to 7.5 inches of vertical die space height.

The Series 12 is a floor-standing roll marking machine. It features 3 tons of marking pressure and up to 12 inches of vertical die space.  It can be equipped with part feeders, safety guards, light curtains and special tooling for added support with the marking cycle.

Hydraulic Roll Marking Machine

Our hydraulic roll marking machines operate similarly to our pneumatic machines but provide much more marking force. The Model 175 offers up to 14,000 pounds of marking pressure. The 575 model features the same design as the 175 but provides twice as much power - up to 28,000 pounds of marking pressure. These are a great option for deep marking applications on hard metals that require the additional power and force of a fully hydraulic marking system.

The Model 175 and 575 hydraulic roll marking machines are the industry standard for heavy duty numbering, lettering, and knurling for various applications, including the in-line marking of sockets, hand tools, and bearings, as well as the automated marking of shock absorbers.

The Benefits of Roll Marking

Roll marking has many benefits, including:

  • Mark round or flat parts.
  • Less operating noise than marking presses.
  • No impact damage to parts.
  • Quick tooling changes.

Can your marking process benefit from a roll marking machine? Give us a call  and we will help you determine if roll marking or another one of our marking technologies is the right solution for you.


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