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Scribe Marking

What is scribe marking?

Scribe marking heads use drop-and-drag pin technology that drags a pin across the surface of part to quietly create a continuous mark with extremely clear character definition. Our Scribeliners® can mark on metals, plastic, ceramics, and more. They are best-suited in environments where normal impact marking would exceed acceptable decibel levels (e.g., large hollow parts, sheet steel, automotive vehicle bodies, etc), but still need the capabilities made possible by our Stylewrite software. 

Scribeliners can apply permanent date codes, sequential serial numbers, logos, and any identification marks on your parts, sub-assemblies, and finished products in accordance with ISO certification guidelines. They can be mounted to an adjustable-height column, equipped with a nameplate feed system, or installed as a separate head for in-line production.

Call us at 847-647-7117 to learn more about our Scribeliners and discover if they're the right machine for your application. 

What are the benefits of scribe marking?

Scribe marking has many of the same marking applications as pin marking but has the added benefit of producing much less noise. The drop and drag scribing technology virtually eliminates all sound associated with the marking process.

Our Scribeliners are capable of producing very deep marks. They have heavy-duty stepper motors that provide extra torque for marking the toughest materials at deeper marking depths.

What are common scribe marking applications?

Scribelinera are best suited for marking applications where work decibel levels would be increased during normal impact marking, (e.g., large hollow parts, sheet steel, automotive vehicle bodies, etc). They can mark on a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, and ceramics.

With our StyleWrite software, our Scribeliner marking machines can scribe date codes, serial numbers, logos, or any sequence of letters and numbers.

Can I mark round parts with a scribe marker?

Scribeliners are computer-controlled and are specifically designed to accommodate a variety of part shapes and sizes. They are capable of marking flat, round, curved, convex, and concave parts, as well as irregular and delicate surfaces.

Our scribe marking machines can also be equipped with rotary chuck fixtures for rotating round parts during the marking cycle. A variety of fixturing is available for round and flat parts.