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Aerospace Part Marking & Engraving 


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the US Department of Defense (DOD) require that certain aerospace parts and components be permanently marked with Unique Identification Marks (UID). These marks guarantee authenticity and traceability throughout the manufacturing process and lifetime use of the equipment. As with every industry, GT SCHMIDT manufactures laser marking systems for a wide number of aerospace applications including deep engraving and fine surface annealing. Additionally, the GT SCHMIDT engineering team has extensive experience in aerospace ID engraving and have developed custom laser marking solutions for aerospace components.

As outlined in our article regarding how our products keep you safe daily, GT SCHMIDT’s commitment to the aerospace industry is clear. For more information on how GT SCHMIDT can best serve your aerospace applications, call us today and one of our sales representatives will be happy to guide you.


Marking Machines & Engraving Systems

GT SCHMIDT designs, manufactures, and integrates industrial marking machines for product identification and traceability applications. Our marking machine and engraving systems are available as standard in-stock models but we can also design a custom marking system to meet your specific part size and application requirements.


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Marking Parts for Aerospace and Aircraft


  • DoD and UID Markings
  • FAA Identification and Registration Markings
  • 1D Barcodes and 2d Data Matrices
  • Serial Numbers, Part and Batch Numbers
  • MFG Name and Model Designation
  • Part Origin and Date of Manufacture
  • Marks for Assembly, Position and Maintenance
  • Type Certificate and Production Certificate Numbers
  • Certification Symbols, Logos, and Graphics


GT Schmidt understands the precision required for engraving and marking for aerospace. Aerospace components routinely experience harsh conditions and extreme temperatures, therefore requiring the engraved information to be permanent and corrosion-resistant. We specialize in manufacturing and providng part marking machines and engraving systems for a variety of industries, including aerospace. 


  • Permanent Identification
  • Device Traceability
  • Corrosion Resistant Marks
  • Simplifies Product Recalls
  • Improves Productivity

Due to the strict regulations and highly expensive components, having a reliable integrated part marking solution is essential for any aerospace manufacturer.  GT SCHMIDT's marking systems, installation, training and follow up support services offer the perfect part marking solution for any aerospace identification application. 


  • Turbine blades and shafts
  • Pumps and generators
  • Panels and control switches
  • Landing gears, brakes, actuators, and thrust components
  • Assemblies, transmission gears, combustors
  • Screws, bolts, nuts, and washers


Laser marking offers an extrememly efficient, uniform quality and precise method of marking aerospace parts. It provides corrosion resistent marks on a variety of aerospace component material including, aluminum, brass, carbide, platinum, silver, stainless steel and titanium. 

need a custom solution?

Our in-house design and engineering department has a full range of services and support to ensure that your marking application is successful.


At GT SCHMIDT, we design, build, and implement marking solutions that help manufacturers leave a lasting mark on their products, their companies, and their industries.

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