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In-Line Part Marking Solutions for Infrastructure Projects

It is important that the part-marking solution for your infrastructure applications not only gives you the mark you need but also fits in your workspace. Having to rearrange your workspace around a new marking machine can be time-consuming and expensive. Setting up your marking machine in an inconvenient location can lengthen your production time and can potentially lead to damaged parts if they must be hauled to and from the marking machine.

At GT SCHMIDT, we keep our customers’ work environments in mind as we analyze their part-marking application. We often find that our Integration Heads are an ideal solution for infrastructure and heavy construction projects due to the excellent marks they make and how easily they fit in a variety of work environments.


Integration Heads, also known as Separate Marking Heads or "S-Heads," are pin marking heads designed for automation and integration into current manufacturing operations. Integration heads can be mounted into existing work cells, positioned at the end of robotic arms, hang from a hoist or air balancer, and more. They feature the same technology, durability, and precision as our Styliner® and Scribeliner® systems, so you can expect the same great pin marking results from our S-Heads.


Sometimes, S-Head integration is fairly straightforward. A customer that manufactures batteries and other components for heavy construction vehicles has a 4" x 4" Integration Head installed in their assembly line. They use it to mark four lines of 1/8" characters onto flat battery casings.

However, some customers have more complicated needs. A major manufacturer of truck and RV axles uses a Styliner 8" x 8" S-Head that is mounted horizontally and integrated with their existing v-block fixtures. It marks the axles lengthwise with a date code, part number, and serial number. Another manufacturer uses a 4" x 4" Integration Head to mark Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) on truck frames. The head is mounted vertically and upside down with a cover plate to shield the internal parts of the head assembly from dirt and debris.

The video on the right captures a number of different possibilities with our Integration Heads. It features three mounted S-Heads that mark different parts of a drill bit simultaneously.

Tell Us About Your Part Marking Application


In addition to integrating an S-Head into your current workspace, we can equip them with accessories for additional functionality. For harsh environments, a shutter shield assembly moves in conjunction with our dot peen marking pin to guard against dirt and debris that may contaminate the internal components. Self-contained or PC-based controllers are available for simple input or complete networking applications. Vision systems can be added for barcode marking and reading. 

Ultimately, the marking machine that works best for you will depend on your application -- and your workspace. Tell us what your part-marking needs are and we can help you find a solution that takes both into consideration.