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The GeoMARK Pro RD is making its debut at IMTS this year. Like the GeoMARK Pro SM, the Pro RD was designed with our customers' needs in mind.

"When people talk about marking cycle times, that discussion is usually limited to how long it takes to mark something," our VP of Sales, Andrew Bourgoine said. "But that's only part of the equation. Time is spent loading and unloading parts and fidgeting with the placement of the parts to make sure they're in the right place. All of that makes the marking process longer and customers were looking for a solution that accounted for that."

With the GeoMARK Pro RD, we wanted to address these needs and create something that made it faster and easier to load and unload parts. By combining the powerful and versatile design of our GeoMARK lasers with a rotary dial plate, we were able to come up with a marking solution that shortened the marking cycle by reducing the downtime between cycles and making it easier to mark multiple parts at the same time.

GeoMARK Pro RD Key Features

The GeoMARK Pro RD has a rotary dial plate that allows for simultaneous loading and marking. Parts on half the dial plate sit inside the enclosure where they are marked by the Pro RD's laser. At the same time, the other half of the dial plate is outside the enclosure, where an operator can load the next set of parts.

When the mark is complete, the enclosure door lifts open and the plate spins 180 degrees, switching the position of the two sets. The door then closes and the laser marks the new set of parts. Back on the other side of the enclosure, the operator can unload the previously marked parts and load the next set to be marked.

This process is aided by the dial plate's mounting holes. These holes make it easy to align fixtures on both sides of the plate. This ensures that the parts can easily be placed in the proper position so that every part is marked in the right spot. 

In addition to its rotary dial plate, a key feature of the GeoMARK Pro RD is its versatility. It comes with a 20-watt laser but if you want more power, you can upgrade to a 30, 50, or 100-watt laser. A 163mm lens is standard but both a 254mm and 330mm lens are available if you need a bigger marking field. There are also a number of options and accessories available for the GeoMARK Pro RD, including a barcode reader, fume extractor, and custom fixturing.

Learn More About The GeoMARK Pro RD


If you are headed to IMTS this year, visit us to see a demonstration of the GeoMARK Pro RD! We will be in booth 236448, located on Level 3 of the North Building at McCormick Place. While you're there, ask about our special offer only available at IMTS!

Stop by any time during the show or contact us now to schedule an appointment with one of our product identification specialists at IMTS.