Traditional Marking Machines and Tooling

SCHMIDT has been a worldwide leader in traditional marking since 1895. Since our doors first opened, we have made it our priority to build marking tools that endure, to design machines that enhance our customers products, and to service those manufacturers with quality they can rely on.

Today, we still proudly design and manufacture traditional marking machines, including Roll Marking Machines and Press Marking Machines, as well as Steel Marking Tools for a wide variety of industries.

These robust marking machines are designed for quick installation, easy operation, and long marking life.

Why use Traditional Marking? For applications requiring a mark that is very deep, very clean and very quick.

Hydraulic Roll Marking Machine for marking large round parts

Hydraulic Roll Marking Machines
For marking applications that require additional power and force.

  • Great for deep and fast marking on round or flat parts.

  • Can be equipped with part feeding systems, safety controls and light curtains.

  • Applications include: bearing races, shaft splines, military ordnance, gas cylinders and more.

Pneumatic Roll Marking

Pneumatic Roll Marking Machines
For marking flat or round parts with minimal tonnage requirements.

  • An economical alternative to hydraulic roll marking when heavy force is not required.

  • Can be used on flat or round parts, soft or hard metals.

  • Application examples include: firearms, shock absorber tubes, hand tools, and more.

Rotary Roll Marking

Rotary Roll Marking Machines
For the high speed, high production marking on the periphery of round cylindrical parts.

  • Can be equipped with bowl feeders, gravity chute feeds, hoppers, and pick and place systems.

  • Easy to automate or integrate into a production line.

  • Applications include: sockets, welding tips, screws, drills, cable ferrules, aircraft nuts and more.

Press Marking Machines

Press Marking Machines
SCHMIDT's Air over oil press marker uses pneumatic air pressure to rapidly move the ram, while hydraulic pressure is used to slowly squeeze the impression into your part.

  • Produces clear and legible marks with a smooth and quiet operation.

  • No electrical requirements.

  • Applications include: dental alloys, keys, knife blades, railroad wheels and more.

Steel Marking Tools

Steel Marking Tools

Steel Marking Tools
Manual hand held marking tools for economical applications, as well as, tooling and fixtures for traditional marking machines.

  • Hand stamps and straight type holders for manual impact marking.

  • Steel type, steel stamps and steel dies for use in our traditional press or roll marking machines.

  • Machine style type holders and numbering heads for use in our traditional marking machines.


Traditional Marking Machine Videos

These videos demonstrate our Press Marking, Roll Marking, and Rotary Roll Marking machines. These machines are mostly custom examples with special numbering heads or part feeding systems. SCHMIDT can custom design any of our traditional marking machines to solve your marking application challenges.

QUICK LINKS to Videos: Press Marking | Pneumatic Roll Marking | Hydraulic Roll Marking | Rotary Roll Marking

Press Marking Machine Videos

Marking Dental Devices - Dental Alloy - Press Marking

This video demonstrates the SCHMIDT Air over Oil Model 10 squeeze action press marker equipped with a bowl feeding system to mark dental alloy pieces. 

For more information on our Press Marking Machines

Pneumatic Roll Marking Videos

Pneumatic Roll Marking on Automotive Mild Steel Parts

This video demonstrates SCHMIDT Series 9 pneumatic roll marking machine. It is equipped with a vibratory bowl to automatically feed the parts.


SCHMIDT Roll Marking on Round Mild Steel

This video demonstrates our Series 9 pneumatic roll marker. It is a light-duty unit that offers clean pneumatic operation and outstanding performance with lots of operating flexibility. The standard Series 9 is designed for manual loading and unloading of parts. With a flip of a switch, the Series 9 can also be used as a press marker.


Pneumatic Roll Marking on Brass End Caps

This video demonstrates SCHMIDT's pneumatic series 12 roll marking machine which has 3 ton maximum marking pressure with a standard 12" vertical die space. It features an adjustable cross slide stroke, multi-mode operations, and anti-tie-down dual palm controls for operator safety.

Hydraulic Roll Marking Video

Hydraulic Roll Marking on Steel

This video demonstrates SCHMIDT's model 175 and 575 MPC hydraulic roll marking machines. SCHMIDT manufactures roll marking machines with a variety of standard features and custom capabilities for automated part marking and in-line production.

Rotary Roll Marking Videos

Rotary Roll Marking of Flange Nuts and Lock Nuts

This SCHMIDT rotary roll marking Series 20 machine is equipped with a shut off door for operator safety and is marking steel flange nuts and lock-nuts for the aerospace indsutry.


Rotary Roll Marking Well Sockets

This video demonstrates one of our rotary roll marking machines marking around the perimeter of well sockets.


Rotary Roll Marking Around Perimeter of Valve Bodies

This video demonstrates one of our rotary roll marking machines marking around the perimeter of valve bodies. Rotary roll marking machines can be equipped with vibratory bowl feeders, gravity chute feeds, hoppers and pick and place systems.


Rotary Roll Marking on Hexagonal Parts

This video demonstrates a Series 22 rotary roll marking machines marking around the perimeter of small hexagonal shaped parts. This is a unique use of roll marking to mark flat surfaces of parts at high speeds. Roll die is geared to continuously rotating carrier dial and makes multiple revolutions with respect to the dial, according to the relative number of stations on dial. Parts are loaded into slots in the dial, driven through marking station and ejected automatically.


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