Below are support videos for our pin marking software, StyleWrite. These videos help explain the different functions available within the software for various types of marking applications.

QUICK LINKS to videos: Label and Go To Function | Input Function | Path Function | Update View Function | Fixed Variable Function | Prompt Variable Function | Variables and Get Variables Function | Get Variable Date Code

Label and Go To Function:

The Label function can help you keep your list of functions organized. They are also used as a point of reference for the Go To function. In this tutorial, learn how to set up each of these functions and use them together.

Input Function:

An input in StyleWrite is used to trigger a marking sequence. The default input is the Go button. However, additional inputs such as a foot pedal can be used to trigger a marking sequence. In this tutorial, we will explain how to set up a new input and show you an example of when you may want to use the Input function.

Path Function:

If the part you are pin marking is not flat, you may need to use the Path Function in StyleWrite to guide your Styliner's pin around obstructions. In this tutorial, we explain how to set up the Path Function and show you how to use it to guide a pin to the marking area and then back to the home position while avoiding obstructions.

Update View Function:

Variables, If statements, and a few other functions can change the information in the mark you have set up on your screen. StyleWrite sometimes requires the screen to be refreshed to show the current value of the information in your mark. This is done with the Update View function. In this tutorial, we will walk you through one of these scenarios and show you how to set up and use the Update View function.

Fixed Variable Function:

Fixed variables are useful when multiple functions or settings have the same value. Learn how to use them to display or input a specific value wherever the associated variable is placed.

Prompt Variable Function:

The Prompt Variable function instructs StyleWrite to use a pop-up window to prompt you to enter a value for a variable after you trigger a marking sequence. Learn how to create and set up the Prompt Variable function in this tutorial.

Variables and Get Variables Function:

This tutorial covers two StyleWrite functions: Variables and Get Variables. Variables are useful when the data you are using in your mark changes frequently. Get Variable makes changing the value of a variable easier and, in some cases, automated.

Get Variable Date Code Function:

Get Variable's Date Code option uses the current date on your computer system as the value for a variable. In this video, we'll show you how to use the Date Code option and give you a practical example of how to use it.