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SCHMIDT Technical Support:

For current customers our Styliner and Laser technical support is available by email or phone during regular business hours.

We now also offer troubleshooting tech support videos for our handheld and column mounted Styliner machines.



Styliner Stinger Technical support

Technician: Paul Komis at

Technician: Ryan Tanaka at

M-F 8am-4pm (CST): 800-323-1332 or 847-647-7117


Styliner Tech Support Videos

Troubleshooting Technical Support Videos

Styliner Software Downloads

Latest Styliner Software Downloads

Styliner Machine Set Up Videos

Pneumatic Requirements: 85 psi, 2-3 CFM Ave., not including the use of any other pneumatic components

Basic Setup Tutorial videos for Styliner Mark3 & Stinger marking machines


Styliner Stinger Technical support


Laser Technician: Bill Winikates at

Engineer: Tony Mazur at

M-F 8am-4:30pm (CST): 800-323-1332 or 847-647-7117


Customer Service Contact Information

For GENERAL INQUIRIES you can contact customer service at 800-323-1332 or 847-647-7117.