Repairing a Model 4 and Model 6 Nameplate Detail Press

Steps to repair a nameplate detail press machine

While these nameplate marking detail presses were designed for severe duty, even they will require service at some point.

Below are tools needed to service the machines and the links to the available instructions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call for help. We can be reached at 847-647-7117.

Common Replacements & Adjustments:

The most common replacement on the nameplate detail press is the ram, part number 033074, detail 28. This device carries the character dial up and down while making a mark, so it receives the most wear. We recommend replacing the depth adjustment screw (part number 033086, detail 39-44) at the same time the ram is replaced. This is essential if the ram was cracked due to over-traveling the depth adjustment stop. Over-traveling happens if while trying to make a deep impression one pulls harder on the handle instead of adjusting it properly first. Adjustment instructions for this can be found below.

The following tools will be needed to service a Model 4 or Model 6:

Note: On machines prior to serial number 45000, the jam nut on the bell crank screw was 7/16" across the flats, hence the reason for the adjustable wrench in addition to the box / open end wrench.

Available Online Instructions

1. How to replace the ram on the nameplate detail press.
2. How to adjust the press for tag thickness.
3. How to adjust the table spacing on the press.

Available Instructions to Download

Download Complete PDF of Repair Instructions.