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The Pulse: All About That Base

January 25, 2019

A few weeks ago, we introduced the Pulse, our newest column-mounted pin marker in our Styliner® series. The Pulse has exciting new features that will simplify your pin marking experience. We’re highlighting some of those features this month, and today, we’ll take a closer look at the Pulse’s base.

A stable, flexible pin marker

Pin Marker Pulse All About That BaseQuality is important, and we want our machines to be sturdy and durable to withstand heavy use over a long period of time. That’s why the base of the Pulse was a point of emphasis during the design process. We knew creating a strong foundation would translate into durability and stability, so we mounted the Pulse’s column onto a rugged, aluminum,  14” x 19” base.

Durability and stability were great achievements already, but the larger base presented an opportunity to provide even more value and functionality. Instead of simply giving the base a blank surface, we added over 100 mounting holes for fixtures. This gives you the flexibility to install your fixtures where you need them so you can keep your parts as stable as the Pulse.

[Despite the bigger base, the Pulse’s overall footprint is 25% smaller.]

A variety of part shapes and sizes

At SCHMIDT, we are happy to customize our products to deliver a marking machine that best suits your needs. But even with our stock designs, we want to make sure our machines are capable of handling a wide range of shapes and sizes to accommodate as many applications possible. The Pulse’s large base is not only sturdy, but its dozens of mounting holes makes it easier to mark a wider variety of parts.

To learn about the rest of the Pulse’s features, check back here regularly and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get updates. Our sales team is also available to answer your questions.

And don’t forget: the Pulse is currently available at a special introductory price. For more information about this limited offer, contact our sales team or request more information through our website.

[Contact us to learn more about this limited time offer.]