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SCHMIDT’s First Hydraulic Roll Marking Machines

May 28, 2020

Schmidt first designed and manufactured hydraulic roll marking machines over 80 years ago as an alternative to press marking. The term “roll marking” means just what it implies: characters are literally “rolled” into a part as opposed to being stamped in with a press.

Roll marking is an economical solution in applications where tonnage requirements make a press too costly. And it offers a practical solution where fragile parts would be damaged by heavy stamping pressure.

Our First Hydraulic Roll Marking Machines

SCHMIDT Model 175 Hydraulic Roll Marking MachinesThe Model 175 was described as “built like a battleship…[but] controlled as simply as a radio” due to its rugged, heavy-duty design and simple operation.

It was a powerful, all-purpose marking machine that was built to endure wear and tear. But even with all its power, the Model 175 could still make light, shallow marks on soft metals as well as heavy, deep marks on hard metals.


SCHMIDT Model 365 Hydraulic Roll Marking MachinesThe Model 365 was considered a “junior” hydraulic marking machine, at least, when compared to the Model 175. It was the smaller and less powerful of the two, but still very capable. It served as an economic option for those who needed a hydraulic marking solution but didn’t have the budget or space for the Model 175.

Otherwise, the Model 365 was similar to the Model 175. Both hydraulic marking machines were designed to roll characters into flat, round, and irregular surfaces with uniform depth. They provided a versatile and powerful marking solution for when hand stamps and other marking tools didn’t suffice.

Our Current Hydraulic Roll Marking Machines

SCHMIDT Current Model 175 Hydraulic Roll Marking Machines

Though we no longer make the Model 365, we still make the Model 175 and it remains a popular marking machine. Additionally, we also have the Model 575, which offers twice the amount of ram pressure. Today, customers use our hydraulic roll marking machines for heavy duty numbering, lettering, and knurling applications from in-line marking of sockets, hand tools, and bearings to automated marking of shock absorbers.

These hydraulic roll markers can be configured with different tooling and fixturing and connected to part-feeding systems to feed and discharge a wide array of production parts. Visit our hydraulic roll marking machine page to see their specs and learn more.