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GT SCHMIDT History: Unique Marking Tools

Throughout GT SCHMIDT’s history, we’ve made marking tools and machines that are versatile and useful for a variety of applications. But we’ve also made many tools unique to certain industries and with very specific uses. Here are some that we manufactured and sold early on in our history.

(All images come from GT SCHMIDT’s Marking Devices Catalog Number 6, published in the 1920’s.)

Shoe Stamps

Shoemakers looking to make a lasting mark on their footwear would use marking tools like these steel and brass shoe stamps on the soles of their shoes. In addition to logos, the stamps provided information such as trademarks and prices.

Brick Mold Panels

Brick mold panels were used to imprint manufacturer names and logos onto the face of a brick or cement block. Today, old, imprinted bricks with company names and logos are sought after by collectors.

Cement Brands and Stamps

GT SCHMIDT offered a few different ways to mark sidewalks.

Solid brass brands contained manufacturer information, often within a decorative border, that were pressed into cement as it dried. Sets of individual characters were also sold and were often used to imprint street names at intersections.

GT SCHMIDT also manufactured cement stamps with the name of cities, as well as adjustable dater stamps which were used to imprint the year sidewalks were laid.

Stationers’ Envelope Imprints

Nowadays, it’s easy enough to provide return addresses and other information on an envelope flap with inkjet and laser printers. But before printers were common in homes and businesses, envelope imprints were used to mark the flaps of envelopes with simple information such as return addresses and company names.

Photographers’ Embossing Presses

These presses were used by artists and photographers to quickly and easily emboss their personal and business information on an assortment of paper and card stock and personalize prints. The dies used for embossing were engraved on solid steel and featured many different styles and designs.

Making a Lasting Mark with GT SCHMIDT Marking Tools

As you can see, not only did we offer tools for a variety of industries, but we also provided marking solutions for products that were a regular part of people’s lives. From bricks for buildings and cement for sidewalks, to shoes and envelopes, businesses used GT SCHMIDT marking products to make their mark on people’s daily lives, something that still holds true today.