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GT SCHMIDT Finds Solutions for Texas Pneumatic Tools’ Marking Challenge

Texas Pneumatic Tools has used a roll marker made by GT SCHMIDT for decades, along with a electro-etching pen used to engrave hardened materials. When the company designed a new product that required a technological leap, owner Craig Parma called GT SCHMIDT and Technical Sales Specialist Adriana Bella.

Texas Pneumatic Tools was finishing up development on a new device for a client in Singapore. The Pneu-Light is a compressed air powered, intrinsically safe LED light for illumination of confined spaces. Adriana and Craig exchanged a series of emails and phone calls to set the parameters for the project.

At Adriana’s request, Craig sent a sample of the Pneu-Light body for us to mark. He placed masking tape on the areas to be marked with the information required. We marked the body and sent it back to Craig for approval.

Adriana brought her manager, Dave LaCosse, along to meet Craig and go over the proposal in person. Craig signed an order for a 50-Watt Fiber Laser marker that same day. Then the customer in Singapore moved up delivery of the Pneu-Light. They needed it ASAP. Delivery, installation and instruction had to happen in a hurry. This happened while most of the parties involved were at IMTS. To complicate matters, the application was on a large round surface, so it needed a special rotary device which was unique and something we usually don’t have in stock.

“I also wanted a cabinet that could be opened from several sides to aid with maintenance, setup and repairs (when needed),” said Craig. “But the rotary seemed to be the biggest problem because of the custom nature of the application.”

The shop finished the cabinet and shipment was expedited. Service Technician Heath Andre pulled out all the stops to get to the customer site in order to get everything up and running.

“It was difficult at first because of the learning curve. I was in Chicago at IMTS when the equipment was being installed”, Craig recalled. “My guys did their best to learn about the machine and mark the bodies in my absence so the product could ship immediately when I returned.”

As Adriana remarked, “Craig gave us his trust and we knew we were going to do everything possible to make sure he made his deadline.”

“Adriana kept me informed along the way and did not tell me just what I wanted to hear. She told me what had to be said,” Craig concluded. “I’m not sure what all they had to do, but they made it happen. We shipped on time.”

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