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SCHMIDT Announces Two New Ready-to-Ship Laser Systems

August 16, 2018

In our continuing efforts to meet customers’ laser marking needs, we went into our design shop to work on some solutions. The results? Two new laser systems recently added to our product line. Meet the GeoMARK Eco and GeoMARK Pro.

The GeoMARK Ecogeomark-eco-class4-laser-350

With a long Z-axis travel, the 20 Watt GeoMARK Eco is recommended for marking large parts unsuitable for the limited space of an enclosed laser. Our latest Class IV model was designed to accommodate a variety of laser marking applications.

The column mounted touchscreen PC provides convenient control of the full-featured laser marking software. The GeoMARK Eco comes standard with graduated marking along the Z-axis, ethernet and serial port connections, and a foot-pedal controller.

laserenclosure_proThe GeoMARK Pro

We have gotten a lot of positive feedback on our advanced laser marking systems. One drawback, however, was the four to six-week lead-time for delivery. We are pleased to introduce the GeoMARK Pro Class I laser marking system. It’s the first advanced laser system in stock (20 Watt) and ready for immediate delivery.

The GeoMARK Pro is made with a painted aluminum enclosure with sleeker lines for a more modern look. The foundation of this system is a 20 Watt pulsed fiber laser with an extended frequency range and high-speed scanning. For additional power or for removing more material, 30 and 50 Watt options are also available. The system marks both flat and round components.

A number of convenient features are included to supplement the system’s high capabilities, such as a powered door, aiming pointer, and touchscreen controls. A desktop PC and monitor containing highly precise laser control software are also standard.

Move Up and Move Fast

The GeoMARK Pro and GeoMARK Eco are good news for anyone who has been thinking of moving up to the advantages of laser systems or needs to quickly expand operations to take advantage of growth opportunities in their industry. Contact us if you would like more information.