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The Pulse: An All-In-One Pin Marker

January 15, 2019

Last week, we introduced the Pulse, our newest column-mounted pin marker in our Styliner® series. The Pulse has exciting new features that will simplify your pin marking experience, and over the next few weeks, we’ll be reviewing some of those features. Today, let’s take a closer look at what makes the Pulse an all-in-one unit.

A pin marker with a smaller footprint – and a bigger base

Having the proper workspace to make your mark is important. It’s essential that you have enough space for your job. When we designed the Pulse, we wanted to make a pin marker with a small footprint to make more room for parts, other equipment, and whatever else you need to get your mark right.

At the same time, we also wanted the Pulse to have a larger base to increase its stability and give you more mounting holes for fixtures. So how could we make the Pulse’s footprint smaller while making the base bigger?

The controller and touchscreen PC

To achieve our goal, we turned to the Pulse’s controller and computer.

Pin Marker Pulse Controller

The controller is the interface between the pin marker and computer. Controllers can be quite big and they effectively increase the size of the pin marker as you need enough space for both. But with the Pulse, we were able to design a controller small enough to be mounted to the Pulse’s base. This reduced our newest pin marker’s footprint significantly.

Pin Marker Pulse Touchscreen

In addition to a controller, the pin marker also has a computer that runs our StyleWrite software needed to input a mark. As with the controller, the PC is usually a separate piece of equipment that needs its own space. With the Pulse, we’ve attached a touchscreen PC to its column, further minimizing its footprint.

An all-in-one pin marker

By mounting the control box to the base and attaching a touchscreen PC to the column, we’ve created an all-in-one pin marking unit that gives you the space you need to make your mark properly. To learn about the rest of the Pulse’s features, check back here regularly and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to get updates. Our sales team is also available to answer your questions.

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