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Pin Marking Water Filtration Tanks – Case Study

Many manufactured parts are designed according to specific standards. In these cases, the parts are usually marked to indicate that those standards have been met. This is a very popular marking application that is common in just about every industry. Of course, the specifics of each application can differ, and in this case study, we look at a customer who needed these marks made in a tight working environment.

Marking Application: Water Filtration Tanks

Our customer needed to make deep, heavy marks on water filtration tanks. The tanks were designed according to standards set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and needed to be marked with the ASME logo and an ASME certification number.

Previously, they were marking the tanks with hand stamps. However, this was slow-going, did not make great/deep marks due to the hardness of the tanks, and occasionally led to injuries. The customer wanted a marking solution that could alleviate all these issues.

Part Material

These water filtration tanks were made of steel.


The marking solution needed to make deeper marks faster than the hand stamp process the customer was currently using. Additionally, the marks needed to be made inside 50-foot trailers where the water tanks were kept. This meant the marking solution needed to fit inside the trailer along with the operator and water filtration tanks; had to be portable; and had to travel about 50 feet to reach all the water filtration tanks.

Marking Solution: Pin Marking Water Filtration Tanks

For the mark itself, a pin marker was the best marking technology for this application due to its ability to make deep marks fast, even in steel. Specifically, a handheld pin marker would be able to make the marks while also easily fitting inside the trailer.

Column Mounted Or Handheld: Which Pin Marker is right for you?

The Marking Machine

For this marking application, we recommended the Styliner® Stinger®.

The Styliner Stinger can make clean, deep, permanent marks in steel. A 50-foot communication cable was designed to give the customer the reach they need to travel the length of the trailer.
In addition, the Stinger was fitted with a magnetic faceplate. This allowed the customer to place the pin marker on the sides of the water filtration tanks and step away during the marking process to escape the noise, which was particularly loud due to the trailer.
Pin marking water filtration tanks with the Stinger proved to be the right solution for this marking application. All our customer’s goals were met: the portable handheld pin marker made good, deep marks in steel quickly and was much safer than their previous marking process.