News » New Partnership Brings SCHMIDT Direct Part Marking Systems to Mexico

New Partnership Brings SCHMIDT Direct Part Marking Systems to Mexico

February 22, 2017

img_4734As a supplier of machined components and devices to customers around the globe, Mexican manufacturers are careful to stay well informed about the rules and regulation of each country they do business with. As a result of increased requirements for parts traceability around the world, the demand for direct parts marking (DPM) has grown rapidly in the country.

For over 17 years, Valley International Supply (VIS), an OEM & manufacturer representative firm, has specialized in providing Mexican companies with top product lines from companies such as Siemens, Littelfuse, Mitsubishi Electric, Tektronix, Stanley and many others. Already a supplier of 2D barcodes and scanners, the company considered the DPM market as the perfect move for vertical integration.

When the decision was made, the first thing VIS did was conduct extensive research on potential partners. In keeping with the company’s mission of providing its customers with the best quality products and service, the selection process was intensive and thorough.

In the end, VIS selected the company with the highest capacity to provide all-inclusive marking systems to its customers. They chose to partner with SCHMIDT.

img_5144One reason for the decision was SCHMIDT’s proven and extensive product line. “By delivering the ideal technology for each unique marking application, we improve processes and profitability for our customers,” said Dave Noonan, SCHMIDT’s Product Manager. “This ability is extremely important to VIS.”

VIS also has a reputation for strong aftermarket service that reflects SCHMIDT’s customer support philosophy. “We are one of the few suppliers to provide turnkey marking solutions in Mexico and support it locally,” said Valley International Supply’s Engineering Manager. “Our representatives are trained and live in the area.” To support its customers, VIS has 11 offices throughout the country.

Today, VIS sells and services the complete line of SCHMIDT pin marking and laser marking products. Its sales team is excited about the new product line and the ability to offer complete marking systems rather than just individual laser components.

“We are delighted to have a respected organization such as Valley International Supply as our distribution partner in Mexico,” said Noonan. “Not only are our values an excellent match, their reputation for providing quality manufacturing products makes them the perfect channel for distributing the SCHMIDT line of marking products throughout the country.”

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