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Laser Marking Firearm Receivers – Case Study

Laser marking firearm receivers is an effective way to meet ATF firearm ID marking requirements. Lasers mark with great precision and legibility, and can make permanent marks very quickly. Customizing lasers for specific applications can make for an even more efficient process. In this case study, we’ll review the variables that were considered when designing a custom laser for one of our firearms manufacturers.

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Marking Application: Laser Marking Firearm Receivers

A firearm manufacturer makes receivers that require a mark on two sides. On one side, they need a serial number. On the other side they need a 2D data matrix.

Part Material

The firearm manufacturer’s receivers are made of aluminum.


The serial number and 2D matrix need to be permanent and easy-to-read. The 2D matrix also needs to be scannable by a vision system.

Speed and convenience are also a factor. The manufacturer wants to mark both sides quickly, preferably without having to reposition the receivers by hand.


A 20-watt marking laser provides more than enough power to make a permanent mark on aluminum. It’s also capable of making fine but legible marks, such as tiny, thin text or data matrices. A vision system can be wired into a laser system to test the 2D data matrix and ensure it is reading properly.

There are several options to mark both sides of the receiver. The system could be outfitted with two lasers or a single laser mounted on a movable head that moves from one side of the receiver to the other. However, a fixture set on an indexing table that flips the receiver from one side to the other would be the simplest and most cost-efficient solution.


Our GeoMARK lasers can provide permanent marking solutions for part-marking applications in any industry. If you need a custom solution, our engineers can work with you to design a laser marking machine specifically for your needs. Contact us today and tell us about your part-marking needs and we will help you find a laser marking solution that's right for you.

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