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Laser Safety Tips from Resident Evil

Talking SCHMIDT about Laser Safety Tips

In our latest episode of Talking SCHMIDT, Will and Ruser discuss a scene from the 2002 film Resident Evil in which several people get trapped in a hallway full of deadly lasers. Their first point of discussion: laser safety tips. Because we know safety is important in any workplace (and particularly around lasers!) we wanted … Continue Reading
Styliner Stinger Pin Marker Radial Mark

Pin Marking Water Filtration Tanks – Case Study

Many manufactured parts are designed according to specific standards. In these cases, the parts are usually marked to indicate that those standards have been met. This is a very popular marking application that is common in just about every industry. Of course, the specifics of each application can differ, and in this case study, we … Continue Reading

Dot Peen Pin Marking Trailer Frames – Case Study

Marking machines can be used to create permanent identification marks that can help owners and local authorities identify and recover stolen property. This is a popular application for our marking machines, and in this case study, we will look at how we helped not just a customer, but an entire community combat theft with one … Continue Reading

The History of SCHMIDT

And so begins the inspiring story of George T. Schmidt’s business career. Searching through the “help wanted” column, the following advertisement attracted his attention. The John S. Weber shop was looking for an engraving apprentice. George was just 14 years old, he convinced his father that the $50 training fee necessary to learn the engraving … Continue Reading
SCHMIDT Safety goggles

SCHMIDT Reaches 250,000 Hours Without Lost-Time Injury

Ensuring our employees are safe is a priority at SCHMIDT, and we’re proud to announce that we hit a significant safety milestone at SCHMIDT this month: 250,000 hours without a lost-time injury (LTI). An LTI refers to incidents that result in a disability or an employee missing work due to an injury. The 250,000 hours … Continue Reading