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A Complete History of Marking and Engraving

Today, SCHMIDT has a comprehensive range of marking systems that provide permanent identification and traceability for a large variety of parts and products. But the concept of marking itself is not new. In fact, it goes way back to prehistoric times. It all began in 500,000(ish) BC The first evidence of engraving patterns is a … Continue Reading
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The Social Responsibility of Product Traceability

Product traceability matters. Marking is an integral part of making quality traceable products which can also be safely and easily identified. SCHMIDT has a broad series of marking system techniques that ensure permanent identification and traceability for any part or product you manufacture. The Safety Aspect The social responsibility of product traceability is important to … Continue Reading

Firearms Marking: Facts vs Fiction

In the movie Glory, as Sgt. Maj. Rawlins (played by Morgan Freeman) hands out Enfield rifles to the troops, he calls out each gun’s serial number. A dramatic moment to be sure, but authentic Enfield rifles don’t actually have serial numbers. The reproductions used in the movie do. Hollywood, television and books have never really … Continue Reading

SCHMIDT Laser Marking Helps Reunite Lost Pets with Owners

If you’ve ever lost a pet, you know the grief it can cause until your furry friend is found. Stone Manufacturing & Supply Company has been helping owners reunite with lost pets since 1932. While they provide several million rabies tags for pets each year using standard methods, they recently made the decision to use … Continue Reading

Laser Marking is the Way to Go, Say Trade Show Attendees

Laser marking has been embraced as the answer for most marking requirements, according to visitors to our booths at the recent Pacific Design & Manufacturing Show in Anaheim and HOUSTEX trade shows. Medical, oilfield and firearms applications topped the list of inquires we received during the shows. But it was the sheer number of different … Continue Reading