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How SCHMIDT Teamwork Delivers a Quality Marking System ASAP

Did you ever wonder how a finished system arrives at your door after placing an order with SCHMIDT? Probably not, and there’s a good reason! We carefully monitor each step from P.O. to installation so you don’t have to worry. Just FYI, here’s how it works. A Marking Need             … Continue Reading

SCHMIDT Announces Two New Ready-to-Ship Laser Systems

In our continuing efforts to meet customers’ laser marking needs, we went into our design shop to work on some solutions. The results? Two new laser systems recently added to our product line. Meet the GeoMARK Eco and GeoMARK Pro. The GeoMARK Eco With a long Z-axis travel, the 20 Watt GeoMARK Eco is recommended … Continue Reading

The SCHMIDT Team: Building a Reputation That Sells

Creating the finest line of marking systems in the industry doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a collaborative effort by the entire organization. That’s why, in a very real sense, every one of our employees is actually a member of the sales process. Our sales representatives often work the long sell, keeping in close contact … Continue Reading

Cognex Vision Systems: Right on the Mark

It’s no secret that SCHMIDT is a leader in marking systems. But did you know we also offer vision systems for complete integration of marking, reading and verifying? As 2D became the standard for storing information, the demand grew for the ability to read data, not just during production, but for the life of the … Continue Reading

Customized Handheld Marking System Defeats Difficult Environment

Have a marking situation that is making people more than a little cranky? Not to mention taking forever. Sounds like the perfect place for a SCHMIDT solution. One of our customers, a global leader in industrial water services, has the world’s largest fleet of mobile water treatment systems. The fleet consists of semi-trailer trucks, each … Continue Reading