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SCHMIDT and HydraForce Team Up On Custom Pin Marking Solution

Identification marks that aren’t crisp and legible are a waste of time and money. But with a little SCHMIDT know-how, marks quickly develop optimal clarity. The blurred marks HydraForce is a Chicago-based manufacturer of high quality hydraulic cartridge valves, manifolds, and integrated circuits. Back in 2015, they had a scrap bin filled with blurred (and … Continue Reading

SCHMIDT Finds Solutions for Texas Pneumatic Tools’ Marking Challenge

Texas Pneumatic Tools has used a roll marker made by SCHMIDT for decades, along with a electro-etching pen used to engrave hardened materials. When the company designed a new product that required a technological leap, owner Craig Parma called SCHMIDT and Technical Sales Specialist Adriana Bella. Texas Pneumatic Tools was finishing up development on a … Continue Reading

Goran Budaji: Marking Systems Expert and Man of the World

Goran Budaji joined Schmidt in March of 2014 as Technical Sales Specialist of the Northeast Territory. He came to us from the other side of the business, contracting out laser marking jobs for clients. As laser equipment became more affordable, customers began purchasing equipment for use in-house. As this shift took place, Goran thought it … Continue Reading

Come See the Software Side of SCHMIDT

One of the first successful commercial uses of a laser was the audio CD, which came out in 1982. Six years later, SCHMIDT was a vin laser system supplier to General Motors. Naturally, things have changed a lot since then. Like the first computers, early lasers started out as a huge investment. A great amount … Continue Reading

Dental Devices Soon to Come Under FDA Marking Mandate

Items in your dentist’s office may soon need a unique device identification (UDI) label similar to those mandated by the FDA for medical devices. Not only the probes and scaling tools, but even crowns and posts for implants may soon be labeled. The reasons are similar to those listed for medical devices. Product identification, reporting, … Continue Reading