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Letters and Figures Steel Stamps

SCHMIDT History: Steel Stamps

SCHMIDT first opened its doors in 1895 manufacturing a variety of steel stamps, dies and marking devices. Thanks to the supreme quality, distinguished craftsmanship, and the dedication to great service, the company quickly established itself as a leader in the engraving business. [We’re celebrating our 125th anniversary! Learn how George T. Schmidt started it all in … Continue Reading


SCHMIDT is excited to be exhibiting in booth A6336 at FABTECH this year! The show is being held at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL on November 11th through the 14th. Registration is now open – check out our tradeshow page for a promo code to get a free expo pass! What to expect at FABTECH … Continue Reading

Laser Engraving Basics

Laser engraving is a process where a laser beam displaces material from the surface of the part being marked. The removal of material creates depth . How deep your mark will be will depend on your laser settings, the type of material you’re marking, and the number of passes the laser makes during the mark. … Continue Reading
SCHMIDT at FABTECH - GeoMARK Pro Class I Laser

The Difference Between a Class I Laser and Class IV Laser

The GeoMARK Pro and GeoMARK Eco Plus are class I lasers. The GeoMARK Eco is a class IV. But what does that mean? Their classifications – class I and class IV – are designations defined by the United States Code of Federal Regulations and refer to the work environment and safety requirements in which the … Continue Reading
Heat Mark aka Annealing vs Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving vs Heat Marks

Laser marking comes in two forms: heat marks and laser engraving. Let’s take a closer look at how these two differ. Heat Marks Heat marks, also known as annealing, is a thermochemical reaction that occurs when a laser applies low heat to a part’s surface. This creates an oxide layer and results in a visible … Continue Reading