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The History of SCHMIDT

And so begins the inspiring story of George T. Schmidt’s business career. Searching through the “help wanted” column, the following advertisement attracted his attention. The John S. Weber shop was looking for an engraving apprentice. George was just 14 years old, he convinced his father that the $50 training fee necessary to learn the engraving … Continue Reading
SCHMIDT Safety goggles

SCHMIDT Reaches 250,000 Hours Without Lost-Time Injury

Ensuring our employees are safe is a priority at SCHMIDT, and we’re proud to announce that we hit a significant safety milestone at SCHMIDT this month: 250,000 hours without a lost-time injury (LTI). An LTI refers to incidents that result in a disability or an employee missing work due to an injury. The 250,000 hours … Continue Reading
Laser Marking Firearm Receivers - SCHMIDT

Laser Marking Firearm Receivers – Case Study

Laser marking firearm receivers is an effective way to meet ATF firearm ID marking requirements. Lasers mark with great precision and legibility, and can make permanent marks very quickly. Customizing lasers for specific applications can make for an even more efficient process. In this case study, we’ll review the variables that were considered when designing … Continue Reading
Marking Aluminum Nameplates - SCHMIDT

Marking Aluminum Nameplates with Serial Numbers – Case Study

Marking aluminum nameplates is a popular application that can be done in a variety of ways. However, the best way to mark aluminum nameplates depends on your goals and specific application. Let’s take a look at different aspects of an aluminum nameplate application to understand why the proposed marking machine would be the best solution. … Continue Reading
Portable Marking Machine - SCHMIDT History

SCHMIDT History: A Portable Marking Machine

In the 1950’s, SCHMIDT introduced the Portable Numberer, a portable marking machine that could be brought to the parts being marked when it was too difficult or impossible to bring the parts to the machine. The Portable Numberer was designed to mark serial numbers on cars, trucks, tractors, and railway car frames, but worked well … Continue Reading