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The Evolution of SCHMIDT’s Brand

The year was 1895. Grover Cleveland was president of the United States, sports stars Babe Ruth and George Halas were born and Schmidt Marking Systems opened its doors for business as Geo. T. Schmidt, Inc. Through the Great Depression and two World Wars, our company thrived and grew into the industry leader it is today. … Continue Reading

Unique Device Identification: A Hot Topic for Manufacturers of Medical Devices

The FDA has mandated that all medical devices will soon have to have a unique device identification (UDI) label. A UDI is simply a unique numeric or alphanumeric code that both humans and machines can read. While a simple concept, the application of the UDI ruling will no doubt pose some serious marking challenges for … Continue Reading

SCHMIDT Marking Resolves Traceability Issues with Custom Program

Known for having one of the most complete ranges of marking equipment in the industry, we are often challenged by our customers to provide solutions for unique applications. We love to consider ourselves thinkers and problem solvers, and we are always eager to tackle new challenges. Recently, a large firearms manufacturer needed to identify their … Continue Reading

Direct Part Marking with Lasers

Ever try to scan a paper barcode that is faded, creased or torn? It’s not just difficult—it can be downright impossible. That’s why many manufacturers are dropping paper and switching to direct marking systems, which apply information permanently to the part. Identification barcodes and two-dimensional codes (2D holds more data) on parts are becoming more … Continue Reading

What’s the difference between traditional marking, pin marking, and laser marking?

In our last article, we covered the four categories of marking depth. Today, we’re deconstructing the three marking technologies that can give you the mark you’re seeking. Traditional Marking These machines use heavy force to roll or press steel letters, numbers and trademarks indelibly into your parts. Traditional marking machines such as roll markers and … Continue Reading