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Laser Marking is the Way to Go, Say Trade Show Attendees

Laser marking has been embraced as the answer for most marking requirements, according to visitors to our booths at the recent Pacific Design & Manufacturing Show in Anaheim and HOUSTEX trade shows. Medical, oilfield and firearms applications topped the list of inquires we received during the shows. But it was the sheer number of different … Continue Reading

New Partnership Brings SCHMIDT Direct Part Marking Systems to Mexico

As a supplier of machined components and devices to customers around the globe, Mexican manufacturers are careful to stay well informed about the rules and regulation of each country they do business with. As a result of increased requirements for parts traceability around the world, the demand for direct parts marking (DPM) has grown rapidly … Continue Reading

Customer Service Rep Paul Komis Feels at Home in All Situations

Customer Service Representative Paul Komis started with SCHMIDT in September of 1989 as a Pantograph Operator. These early marking devices are bio-mechanical, in that line drawings traced by Paul with a stylus would be reproduced via an accordion-like arm to create an identical, enlarged, or miniaturized etching on the object to be marked. While simple … Continue Reading

SCHMIDT Showcases Laser Marking at Pacific Design & Manufacturing

New requirements for identifying and establishing traceability for products and parts are surfacing throughout the manufacturing world, but especially in the medical and dental device industries. As designers of leading edge marking solutions, SCHMIDT already has a long history of solving marking challenges in these fields. “We offer Fiber, CO2, DPSS, and Green & UV … Continue Reading

SCHMIDT and HydraForce Team Up On Custom Pin Marking Solution

Identification marks that aren’t crisp and legible are a waste of time and money. But with a little SCHMIDT know-how, marks quickly develop optimal clarity. The blurred marks HydraForce is a Chicago-based manufacturer of high quality hydraulic cartridge valves, manifolds, and integrated circuits. Back in 2015, they had a scrap bin filled with blurred (and … Continue Reading