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Goran Budaji: Marking Systems Expert and Man of the World

November 7, 2016

Goran Budaji joined Schmidt in March of 2014 as Technical Sales Specialist of the Northeast Territory. He came to us from the other side of the business, contracting out laser marking jobs for clients. As laser equipment became more affordable, customers began purchasing equipment for use in-house. As this shift took place, Goran thought it might be a good idea to move to equipment sales. He’s been with us ever since.

Because of his background in the industry, Goran can recommend the best device for each marking application without reservation and uses his expertise to guarantee complete satisfaction. Knowing all the pitfalls that can occur when you outsource marking jobs is a big advantage when adding up the advantages of ownership. For example, having your own equipment means that your marking job is never delayed because of a vendor’s backlog or random priorities.

Goran likes the fact that every day and every customer is an adventure. He appreciates a challenge and looks forward to new opportunities to advise buyers in their choice of equipment. New laser applications in the firearms and medical industries are perfect examples of new applications and growth opportunities for companies as the military, AMA and ATF approve or even mandate laser marking for traceability. In fact, Goran recently helped a firearms manufacturer transition to lasers after roll marking parts for decades.

Another perk about his job, Goran says, “is knowing that, although I’m the point man for my eleven-state territory, I have a whole team of engineers and software professionals backing me when I need support. It’s a great feeling to be part of a reliable team.

budaji-family-002Born in Serbia, Goran married his Polish bride in a 16th century Polish castle ten years ago. They have two children. Goran speaks Serbian, Polish and English. He and his wife are keeping the Polish and Serbian traditions alive by making sure their children speak their native languages while at home. The family also travels to Eastern Europe to visit and keep in touch with family members often. The entire family is itching for snow to start falling so they can indulge in their love of skiing and other winter sports.

Some of his co-workers may not know that Goran loves to cruise on his motorcycle and used to strap on a parachute and throw himself out of perfectly good airplanes just for fun.