News » Gloria Escobar: The Smiling Face at SCHMIDT’s Front Door

Gloria Escobar: The Smiling Face at SCHMIDT’s Front Door

December 19, 2016

gloriaescobar_2aGloria Escobar joined SCHMIDT in March of 2006 to serve as our Receptionist. Those who know her say her “gift of gab” makes her a natural for the position. Thirty years’ experience at AT&T as the company went through a number of changes also honed her professional communication skills to perfection.

Her skill sets, along with being a natural “people person” are a tremendous asset as she performs her duties of answering calls, greeting customers, scanning orders and handling other administrative duties. She enjoys working with her SCHMIDT colleagues each day, but gets a special pleasure from being the first person to greet customers from around the world when they visit the company headquarters. One customer from Venezuela was particularly impressed when he walked through the door and Gloria greeted him in fluent Spanish!

gloriaescobar_dec2016Along with a talent for diplomacy, she also puts her bi-lingual skills to use while interacting with clients and vendors. She has the ability to get prompt responses (and the information she needs) while making a new friend at the same time. She seems to have a way of “bonding” with anyone she talks to. “I get along with everyone,” she laughed.

A positive and forthright individual by nature, she says she keeps the same demeanor during challenging situations that call for special attention, “…by staying calm, keeping control and turning the conversation in a positive direction.”

gloriaescobar_1aYears ago, Gloria spent  lot of her free time traveling, mostly outside the U.S . Her favorite spot is Spain, which she has visited three times. During the summer, she enjoys boating and bicycling. In the fall, she loves to take her four-year-old grandson on long walks through the forest preserves.

It’s hard to believe that it has been ten years since Gloria walked through our doors. She appreciates working for a company with such a long history. “It gives me a sense of pride that SCHMIDT is so successful,” she said. ”I’m honored to be the person who greets everyone as they visit us. It gives me so many opportunities to make new friends.”