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Enjoy Safe, Sure Marking with Class I Enclosures

Have you ever seen that guy on TV who juggles chainsaws? Great entertainment, but not a good practice in reality. Shop professionals know that to avoid injury, it pays to approach tools with a sense of caution. Laser markers amplify light, creating an invisible high energy beam. This beam can reflect off surfaces into the environment. If it should make contact with an unprotected eye, permanent blindness can result. For this reason, laser markers deserve respect, and safety precautions should always be taken when working with them.

In the United States, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) defines classes of environments for lasers depending on power, wavelength and whether the laser is enclosed. Manufacturers are required to adhere to safety regulations according to the environment class.

Class I Laser System Enclosures

Class I laser marking systems are enclosed so the laser beam does not reflect or emit radiation into the external environment. They are deemed safe in any environment under normal use. These enclosures are equipped with protective glass and proper warning labels. Fail-safe interlocks prevent user access to the laser beam during normal operation by disabling the laser if the door is open.

We can custom design a Class I laser system to fit your part sizes, marking field requirements, part feeding and handling needs, or any other specification. All of our Class I enclosures are certified by our Laser Safety Officer.

Customized Applications

Our standard size enclosure works just fine for many customers. But, we can scale up or down if needed. The largest enclosure we’ve constructed was for an oil rig drill bit and measured 8 ft. tall by 10 ft. wide by 6 ft. deep.

A full range of enclosure options are available including: Manual or Powered Doors, Additional Side Doors & Removable Panels, Anti-tie-down Dual Palm Safety Controls and Safety Light Curtains.

Learn More About Our Class I Laser Options

Class IV Laser Workstations

Class IV environments are unenclosed. They require special safety eye wear, signage, access restrictions, and a laser safety officer for the facility.

In some instances, a customer’s part will be difficult to incorporate into a Class I system. For these occasions, we offer a full range of laser products for creating a Class IV environment. Ideal for a private room or specially curtained space, operators can work in isolation without endangering others.

Meeting Customer Requirements

Often, our customers have the need to install laser systems into their line where an enclosure or separate room won’t work. We work with them to develop on-site solutions that meet their manufacturing needs and also satisfy safety requirements.

If you would like to discuss your laser system enclosure requirements, please contact us for more information.