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Customized Handheld Marking System Defeats Difficult Environment

Have a marking situation that is making people more than a little cranky? Not to mention taking forever. Sounds like the perfect place for a GT SCHMIDT solution.

One of our customers, a global leader in industrial water services, has the world’s largest fleet of mobile water treatment systems. The fleet consists of semi-trailer trucks, each filled with 5 water filtration tanks. These units supply any water quantity and quality needed on a short-term basis or for an emergency.

To track the tanks and verify that they are at ASME standards, they must be marked with the ASME logo and an ASME Certification Number. That’s 100 water filtration tanks per month in each of 5 different locations.

Learn More About Tank and Cylinder Marking Requirements

To make it more difficult, the tanks have to be marked inside the semi-trailer, which has no room for an equipment cart and is not located near a power source. To overcome this, our customer was using hand stamping, which can be slow and dangerous under cramped conditions, not to mention extremely loud. The customer wanted to find a more efficient way.

They liked what they saw on our website and submitted an inquiry, which was fielded by Territory Manager Andrew Bourgoine. “After carefully reviewing the current setup and the customer’s requirements, I determined that our Stinger® handheld marking system, would be the best solution. An on-site demo convinced the client that we were on the right track.” Andrew then sat down with our engineers to design a configuration that would provide the organization with the highest efficiency, quality and safety. 

Cranking It Out Without Getting Cranky

To overcome the lack of space and power, the Stinger® handheld marking units were equipped with optional magnetic end effectors and 50 foot communications cables. This allowed the operator not only to mark all five tanks inside the trailer, but to do it remotely. The end effector has super strong rare earth magnets on it, which allow the Stinger® to magnetically attach to the steel tanks and stay put even while it marks. The operator can let go of the Stinger® and leave the trailer. The marking cycle is actuated from a computer (instead of the pulling the trigger on the machine and holding it while it marks). This allows the operator protection from the reverberating loud noise that comes with marking hollow steel within the enclosed space.

Using the Stinger® handheld marking machine resulted in a dramatic decrease in marking time. The customer also experienced a deeper mark than they were getting with hand stamps. The customized configuration eliminated hearing risks and injuries caused by hand stamping in the cramped circumstances.


What can we do for you? 

Do you have an application that could benefit from our portable hand-held pin marking systems? Please contact us for more information. We’d love to find a solution for you.