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Customer Service Rep Paul Komis Feels at Home in All Situations

January 19, 2017

paul_komis_2017Customer Service Representative Paul Komis started with SCHMIDT in September of 1989 as a Pantograph Operator. These early marking devices are bio-mechanical, in that line drawings traced by Paul with a stylus would be reproduced via an accordion-like arm to create an identical, enlarged, or miniaturized etching on the object to be marked. While simple in design, the device gave Paul a strong feel for how technology can create a connection between the operator and the product.

It wasn’t long before Paul’s leadership skills became apparent and he was promoted to Shop Foreman of the Engraving Department. Over the years, he served in the same capacity in EDM and Grinding. In 2004, increased product demand created a need for additional personnel in the Customer Service office. Due to the product knowledge he had accumulated during his time with SCHMIDT, Paul was asked to fill in. His obvious talent for the job led to the assignment becoming permanent and he has been with customer service ever since.

paul_komis_guitar_2017aAs a Customer Service Representative, Paul is the first contact for customers calling in for sales information. He fills orders directly, calculates quotes for others and works closely with the outside sales force for follow-ups.

Paul loves talking with the variety of people in his territory, which stretches from the plains of Texas to the Atlantic shores of Connecticut. His customers have accents that range from Louisiana drawls to the five boroughs of New York City.

In an era when individuals change careers and jobs frequently, Paul is proud of the length of time he has spent with SCHMIDT. A dozen or more of his office and shop buddies have also passed the 20-year mark. Part of the reason for this longevity is the satisfaction Paul receives from working at a company that takes pride in its products and manufactures them so well it can offer 30-month warranties.

He likes hanging around the office and jokes that he spends more time there than with his “other” family at home.

In reality, one of his favorite pastimes is being at home cooking for his daughter and son. We’re not just taking BBQ on the grill (although he excels at that). You name it, he can cook it. Paul’s talents in the kitchen extend to making his own pasta and sausage from scratch. So, when he serves you lasagna, you better believe it’s fresh! Paul also likes playing guitar in his free time, favoring rock and roll songs. His favorite group is Led Zeppelin and he enjoys playing covers of their work.

If you had to describe Paul in one word, the right choice might be “connection.” He creates a unique and very personal link with every aspect of his world. Whether it’s SCHMIDT, marking technology, colleagues, customers, family, food or music; this connection is reflected in the enthusiasm that he shows for life each day and enriches everything he does.