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Custom Pin Marker: The Mark 4 12×12

Though our machines are versatile, we know when it comes to marking needs, one size does not fit all. That’s why we’re happy to build custom marking machines for our customers.

Recently, a company reached out to us in need of a custom solution for a pin marking application. They mark large nameplates and the size of the nameplates complicated the marking process. They wanted a machine that would make the process simpler and more efficient.

If you are looking for a marking solution, tell us about your marking application and we'll help you find the right marking machine for you.

Tell Us About Your Marking Application

The pin marking application

The company manufactures large pressure vessels and each vessel requires a nameplate that shows the vessel’s specifications. However, the nameplates and required mark were much larger than their current pin marker’s 8”x 8” marking field. As a result, they had to mark half of the nameplate, reposition it, then make a second mark to add the rest of the information. They wanted a customized pin marker that could make the complete mark in one go.

The solution

We currently have three column-mounted pin markers in our Styliner® series: the Mark3, and the Mark4. They all have a 4” x 4” marking field. Obviously, the marking fields on these are too small for this company’s needs but the basic design of the Styliners® and styluses are capable of making clean, permanent marks on stainless steel nameplates. We just needed to design and build a marking head that could incorporate a much larger marking field.

Styliner Mark4 12x12 Pin Marker

The custom pin marker

The result: The Mark 4 12×12. With a huge 12” x 12” marking field, the company is now able to mark an entire nameplate at once – no need to stop and reposition it.  With their new custom pin marker, their marking process is simpler and more efficient, and they still get a clean, quality mark on their nameplates.

Do you have custom needs?

GT SCHMIDT has a diverse lineup of marking systems that can be customized to meet your marking needs. If you are looking for a custom solution or want to learn more about our lineup of traditional, pin, laser, and inkjet markers, check out our product catalog or send us a message. We’re happy to help you find a marking solution that’s right for you. 

Styliner Mark4 12x12 Pin Marker