Laser Marking Medical Devices

Surgical instruments are commonly marked with laser marking systems


Medical device manufactures rely on the precision and accuracy of laser marking to help meet their strict product identification and traceability guidelines.

The FDA requires medical devices to have a unique device identifier (UDI) so they can be traced from the time they were manufactured, through their distribution, on to final use.

Laser marks done with the annealing process are corrosion resistant and can withstand many sterilization processes such as, passivation, centrifuging, and autoclaving.

Benefits to Medical Device Manufactures

laser marking medical devices laser marking medical devices

Types of Material

Metals: Titanium, stainless steel, cobalt-chromium, tungsten, tantalum and other medical grade alloys

Polymers: Polycarbonate, PVC, PE, PP, PS, PET, PEEK, silicone, nylon and more

Laser Sources

SCHMIDT offers a variety of Fiber, CO2, YVO4, Green and UV lasers excellent for laser annealing on non-ferrous high grage metals, and for high contrast marks on plastics without using any solvents or additives.

The lasers produce a low local heat that changes the color of the surface layer. The resulting mark is permanent and the surface of the material remains intact eliminating grooves and the potential for bacteria to grow.


Workstations and Enclosures

Larger class 1 certified enclosure for laser marking medical devices

SCHMIDT provides both class I certified laser enclosures and class IV open environment laser system set ups.

Class I Enclosed System

Class IV Components



Catalogs and Brochures

Medical Device Marking Brochure

Medical Device Marking Brochure

This brochure discusses the strict product identification and traceability needs of the medical device industry. It covers the benefits of medical manufacturers using laser systems, the types of materials that can be marked, laser sources available and possible workstation sets up that SCHMIDT can provide.

Laser Systems Product Guide

Laser Systems Product Guide

Need a laser system? This product guide will help you get started. It covers our Fiber Lasers, YVO4 IR, Green and UV lasers, and our CO2 laser systems offerings. It gives an overview of our enclosure and workstation options and what to consider when choosing the right laser system for your application.


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