Identification Marking on Gas Cylinders

identification marking on gas cylinders

SCHMIDT manufactures machines for marking DOT specifications on gas cylinders such as serial numbers, pressure indicators, TARE weight, manufacturing codes, tank shoulder identification, and recertification marks.

If you are a gas cylinder manufacturer, hydrostatic testing center, re-certification facility, or a refilling station, our marking machines can automatically engrave deep, clean and reliable specifications marks. Whether you are marking on small or large size gas cylinders, pipelines, tanks or other gas vessels, we have the marking machines to solve your certification needs.


Video is demonstrating dot peen marking around the periphery of a smaller sized cylinder using a Styliner® pin marker equipped with a rotary device.

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Our dot peen pin marking and roll marking machines offer several advantages over traditional hand stamping such as increased quality control, time savings and improved employee health and safety.

Pin marking offers automated serialization and indexing which increases efficiency and overall production time. Our dot peen pin marking machines offer extreme flexibility allowing you to engrave 3 lines of information in one marking cycle. For Hydro-testing and Recertification centers, their robust powerful performance allows you to mark through multiple layers of old paint.

Roll Markers are great for Gas Cylinder OEMs who want deep, clean, perfectly aligned aesthetic marks. Roll markers can be equipped with custom tooling to allow for a single line of information to be marked on the angled surfaces of cylinders in one cycle. Multiple line marking on angled surfaces will require part fixture adjustments and marking tool changes. These hydraulic machines can be custom designed to handle various size cylinders.


Portable handheld Stingers® are great for medium to large gas cylinders. Stingers® can be guided around the curvature of the cylinder during the marking cycle. For smaller tanks, our benchtop column mounted Styliner® Mark3 and Mark4 can be equipped with a rotary chuck to turn the cylinder during the marking cycle.

Roll marking machine can be implemented into a cylinder production line. Roll markers can be custom designed to accept various sized cylinders, mark precise DOT information, and then reposition cylinders to continue down the production line.



Column Mounted Pin Marking Machines

Gas Cylinder OEMS

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of gas cylinders provide a wide variety of high and low pressure vessels for atmospheric, process, welding, specialty and industrial gases. Every one of these gas containers must adhere to the safety and stability guidelines determined by Compressed Gas Association (CGA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT).

To ensure that these and other pertinent regulations are complied with, the CGA provides a series of standards with criteria that cylinder manufacturers, re-qualifiers, fillers, and operators must use to accept, reject, and condemn compressed gas cylinders for continued use.

  • DOT 3AL 3AA Specification Numbers

  • MFG Date & Location Codes

  • Cylinder TARE Weight

  • Neck Ring Identification & Serial Numbers

  • Service or Working Pressure Indicators

Column Mounted Pin Marking Machines

Hydrostatic Testing & Recertification Centers

In order to meet DOT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) specifications, gas cylinders must be tested every 3, 5 or 10 years by a DOT approved hydrostatic testing facility.

Hydrostatic testing is the most accurate way to test pressure vessels including pipelines, plumbing, and chemical cylinders for potential leaks. The hydro re-qualification testing process is critical for preventing outdated containers from rupturing due to loss of structural integrity.

  • DOT specs: 4B 260 and 4B 300

  • 10, 5 and 3 year Hydro-test Recertification

  • PHMSA and CGA Guidelines

Column Mounted Pin Marking Machines

Filler Stations

All gas cylinders are subject to rules and regulations set out by Federal and State governments. Filler stations must adhere to these rules when not only filling cylinders, but determining if cylinders are safe and legal to fill. The requirements include protection from rust and damage that may dent the cylinder.

Gas cylinders and tanks are subject to recertification (also known as re-qualification) 10 years from their date of manufacture and every five years after that. They are required to have readable markings identifying them for reuse.

  • Filler Station Location Numbers

  • Tank Capacity and Design Pressure

  • ASME Code Symbols


Our field salesmen can come to your facility and show you how our machines can get you the marks you need. Fill out the form to schedule a visit today. Or call us at 847-647-7117. For 125 years, SCHMIDT has been at the forefront of innovative marking technology. Our team is ready to help install and support your ideal marking system today.