Marking Aerospace Parts & Aircraft Components

Product identification and traceability are critical in aircraft manufacturing

Traceability and accountability are critical aspects of manufacturing in the aircraft and aerospace businesses. Aircraft parts and components must be tracked throughout the manufacturing process and lifetime use of the equipment. Having a precise and reliable integrated part marking solution is essential for any aerospace manufacturer.


SCHMIDT is registered with the Defense Logistics Agency and has been a marking solution provider for Aerospace parts manufacturers. SCHMIDT manufactures Fiber, YVO4 IR, Green and UV and CO2 laser systems for a variety of industry applications including part marking, deep engraving, fine surface annealing, as well as, non-marking applications such as cutting, drilling, and patterning. Our wide selection of lasers offer fast, flexible and efficient solutions on wide variety of materials including metals, ceramics, plastics, polymers, and other organics.


Aerospace Laser Marking Applications:

Aircraft components require marking for traceability during manufacturing processes

Custom Application Case History:

Custom SCHMIDT Laser Marking System

A manufacturer of aircraft components was looking for a part marking solution that would reduce their marking cycle time, improve operator safety and achieve reliable 2d part marking traceability of their parts. The company previously relied on manual marking methods that included air pencil engraving, electrochemical marking and stamping with permanent inks. SCHMIDT manufactured a custom Microlase laser marking system complete with an enclosure that included a rotary table, indexing fixtures and a tilting head for multiple parts that needed to be marked at unusual angles.