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Fiber Laser Marking Systems

Fiber Laser Marking and Engraving System


Fiber laser marking systems significantly minimizes the stress and potential damage to parts, making this technology optimal for many industries, some of which include, aerospace, medical, automotive, firearms, dental, and electronic.



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Fiber Laser Marking Systems

The fiber laser technology represents the ultimate laser marking system in an extremely compact footprint. The fiber laser is ideal for direct part marking in a range of industries for marking on metal parts, plastic parts and components.

The fiber laser increases performance in terms of power, reliability, setup, flexible programming and control. Its higher output power improves marking performance in terms of marking speed and engraving depth. The fiber lasers guarantees high reliability even in harsh environments.

The fiber lasers are equipped with 4 independent axis controls (X, Y, Z, & R - a rotating axis) to implement multi-layer and rotary marking. Dedicated encoder input is applied for marking on the fly (MOF) even in accelerated and variable speed conditions. Advanced software functions support a variety of solutions including operator attended work stations and fully automated marking centers.

The fiber lasers system design allows for simple machine integration. Available in 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 70W and 100W laser sources, the fiber laser systems include a compact scan head, a small controller design and our user-friendly editor software. A red laser spot allows for fast focusing of the laser beam during setup. With the user-friendly software, the operator can define any kind of label, logo, text, data matrix, or bar code for laser marking and traceability applications.

Fiber Laser Applications

• Plastic and metal marking for a variety of industries such as automotive, electronics, and medical

• Laser annealing on precision metal components such as medical equipment

• Deep engraving for firearms, heavy equipment, oil field, and many other applications

• 2D & 1D code marking for identification and traceability


Fiber Laser Technical Data

  10 Watt 20 Watt 30 Watt 50 Watt 70 Watt 100 Watt
Wavelength 1060 - 1080 nm
Repetition 20-100 kHz 20-100 kHz 30-100 kHz 50-200 kHz 1-1000 kHz 50-200 kHz
Pulse Width 100 nsec 100 nsec 100 nsec 100 nsec 10-500 nsec 100 nsec
Peak Power 5 kW 10 kW 10 kW 10 kW 10 kW 10 kW
Aiming Beam Class 2M Red Diode Laser 635 nm
Focus Beam Class 2M Red Diode Laser 635 nm
Power Supply 100/240 VAC - 50/60 Hz
Cooling System Air Cooled
Operating Temp 10 - 50 C 10 - 50 C 10 - 35 C 0 - 40 C 0 - 40 C 0 - 40 C
Storing Temp 0 - 55 C 0 - 55 C 0 - 55 C -10 - 60 C -10 - 60 C -10 - 60 C
Head Dim 90 x 112 x 298 mm 165 x 152 x 362 mm
Rack Dim 1064 x 430 x 370 mm 508 x 280 x 610 mm


Laser Marking Software:

Click here to download a free trial of the Lighter6 softwareSCHMIDT offers two powerful, yet easy to use Windows-based software package for its Microlase® laser marking systems.

The laser source and power selection will determine which software package is best suited for the laser system and will come in two variations.


Download a trial version of Lighter 6.2.1 software

Download a trial version of the Scaps software


Laser Marking Software

Both software offerings have an intuitive interface and graphic editor that combined will get you up and marking in minutes.

Both software editors enable you to create simple text string and shapes (lines, circles, ovals, rectangles, etc) as well as, import complex vector based artwork and logos in PLT and DXF format. Bitmapped images (GIF, BMP and JPEG) are also easily imported. These software packages can also be used to create 2d data matrix and 1d & 2d barcodes.

Standard software features include:

  • Sequencing and Serialization
  • WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)
  • Easy click and drag for adjustments of field size, location or orientation
  • True radial marking of text
  • Support for Open Type, True Type, Type 1, Type 42
    AFM, CID, CFF, SFNT, and PRF fonts directly
  • Unicode and Asians fonts are also fully supported
  • Supports object alignment, spacing, resizing and merging

Supported data matrix formats:

  • Data matrix
  • Code 16K
  • PDF417
  • Small symbol optimization
  • QRcode

Supported barcode formats:

  • Standard and full 3 of 9
  • Standard industrial and interleaved 2 of 5
  • ISO 128 subset A, B and C
  • EAN 13 and digit
  • UPC A and E
  • Printing ratio compensation

*Note: The software downloads will not be fully functional without a valid registration key - please contact us for information regarding the purchase of a registration. Please call us at 1-800-323-1332 or 847-647-7117, or use the Contact Us page to request additional info.


Laser Marking Systems - Options and Accessories

Below are some examples of current laser system options and accessories. SCHMIDT can custom design a laser system to fit your part sizes, marking field requirements, enclosure needs, or any other system aspect specific to your application needs. Click here to request a quote or budgetary estimate on a laser system specific to your needs.

  • Manual or Powered Doors
  • Manual or Programmable Z-Axis
  • Variety of Laser Source Options
  • Multiple Lens Sizes
  • Fume Extractors
  • X-Y Tables
  • Anti-tie-down dual palm safety controls
  • Nameplate Feed Systems

Laser Marking System Enclosures: Custom Examples

SCHMIDT's in-house engineering department can custom design any type or size of enclosure to best fit your marking application. Below are just a few examples of some of the laser enclosures we have manufactured for our customers.

The Alpha series laser system enclosure

The Alpha series laser system enclosure. The design features a powder coated cabinet with a 25 inch wide pneumatic stainless steel door.  The enclosure has a power z-axis for automatic height variance and a removable rear and side panel for convenient access to the laser head and lens. All the controls are conveniently mounted in their own enclosure and easy accessible from the rear of the pedestal. This enclosure can be equipped with rotary devices, vision systems or part feeders and can be fully customized for larger part configurations.


The Titan-E series laser system enclosure. This design features a manual sliding door with a 24" opening. This enclosure is 36" wide and can be equipped with a manual or programmable z-axis for part height variance and a rotary device for marking round parts.

Laser Marking Enclosure a small footprint

This Banton series laser enclosure is economically designed and features a manual operated hinged door with safety interlock and self contained rack mounted controls. This compact system can be equipped with a manual or powered z-axis for marking height variance adjustment in part sizes.


70watt Laser Marking System Enclosure

The Eagle series benchtop laser enclosure features a wide pneumatic door with safety interlock, and a programmable z-xis for height variance adjustment in part sizes. It features self contained rack mounted controls with an LCD display.


Laser marking system with rotary chuck for marking round parts

The Atlas benchtop laser enclosure features a manual operated lift door with safety interlock, and a programmable z-xis for height variance adjustment in part sizes. It is also equipped with a rotary device for marking round parts. It features self contained rack mounted controls and a removable panels for convenient access to the laser components.


The Omega laser system enclsoure

The Omega free standing laser enclosure features a manual operated hinged door with safety interlock, manual z-axis for height variance adjustment in part sizes. A rear interlock door for convenient access to the laser head and lens. A side mounted monitor keyboard & mouse. All manual features can be upgraded to automatic and powered options.


Laser System Enclosure Marking Very Large Parts

The Voyager large laser enclosure was custom designed to handle parts up to 7 feet long. It features dual sliding interlock safety doors for ease of part placement and convenient access to the laser head and lens. This enclosure is mounted on a mobile cart for ease around the shop floor.



Fiber Laser System Brochures

Click here to download our laser marking systems product guide

Product Guide for Laser Marking Systems

This comprehensive product guide discusses our wide range of DPSSL Laser, Fiber Laser, and CO2 Laser offerings. It covers our V, UV, and Green Laser offerings and give an overview of the laser marking software Lighter 6 package. For more information click the image to view or download this product guide catalog.



Catalog on SCHMIDT's available readers and verifiers for ID part marking

2d Part Marking Readers and Verifiers Catalog

SCHMIDT's laser systems can be equipped with barcode readers and verifiers for an integrated system of 2d part marking. This catalog discusses the Cognex options available including, handheld readers, fixed-mount readers and ID verifiers.

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