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GeoMARK Laser Series


Our GeoMARK laser marking systems and components can be equipped with standard and custom accessories to help solve your laser engraving application needs. The following accessories are for our GeoMARK Pro class I laser system or any of our custom built lasers.

Nameplate Shuttlefeed System

Nameplate Shuttlefeed System

Standard shuttles accommodate nameplates with a minimum thickness of .020" Aluminum and .018" Stainless. Nameplate sizes can range from 0.5" x 1" up to 4" x 4". For larger nameplates, shuttle feeds can be custom designed.

Nameplate Shuttlefeed

Pick and Place Feed System

Pick and Place

Pick and place systems do just that, they pick up a part and place it into the marking field. Pick and place systems are great for applications with a variety of tag sizes or delicate tags that cannot be shuttled in our standard feed system.

Pick and Place

Rotary Device

Rotary Chuck

Rotary devices are ideal for marking round parts as they hold and rotate during the marking cycle. A variety of rotary device chuck sizes are available.

Rotary Chuck

Portable Job Cart

Conveyor Belt Feed System

Part feeding systems like conveyor belts, help minimize downtime. Parts can be loaded onto a tray while a second set of parts are being marked.

Part Feeding System

Portable Job Cart

Mobile Support Cart

When part marking applications are required in various locations, our mobile support carts help ease machine travel around the shop floor.

Laser Mobile Cart


Laser Marking Accessories:

  • Fume Extractors
  • Rotary fixtures for marking round parts, a variety of sizes are available.
  • Part feeders, indexing tables and X-Y tables
  • Shuttle feed systems and Pick and Place systems for fully automated laser marking.
  • Integrated systems with readers and verifiers for 2d part marking.
  • Mobile support carts for ease in travel around the shop floor.
  • Custom built class I safety enclosures
  • Custom mounted class IV laser components for open environments
  • Lens Cleaning Kits
  • Extra Safety Goggles

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