Class I Certified Laser Enclosures

SCHMIDT class I certified enclosures adhere to federal protective housing guidelines. They are guaranteed light tight and do not emit any laser beam or radiation. The enclosures are equipped with protective glass, proper labels and fail-safe interlocks.


Class I certified laser enclosure

GeoMARK Pro Class I Enclosure

GeoMARK Eco Plus Class I Enclosure

GeoMARK Eco Plus Class I System

Custom Class I Enclosure

Custom Class I Enclosures


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Laser Systems Product Guide

Laser Systems Product Guide

Need a laser system? This product guide will help you get started. It covers our Fiber Lasers, YVO4 IR, Green and UV lasers, and our CO2 laser systems offerings. It gives an overview of our enclosure and workstation options and what to consider when choosing the right laser system for your application.