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Steel Stamps and Marking Dies

Steel marking stamps and marking dies


Schmidt manufactures steel stamps and marking dies that can be used in a variety of part stamping, roll marking or press marking applications.


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All of Schmidt's steel stamps and marking dies are machined from raw stock to meet your tolerance requirements. Inserts are engraved flat, radial, or contoured as dictated by the application.

Schmidt machines use t-bolt and dove style die holders for flat and rectangular marking dies, as well as, knurl support carriages for round solid lettering knurls.

Descriptions of Schmidt's available steel stamps and marking dies:

  • Rectangular
  • Round
  • Shank Style
  • Combination
  • Embossing
  • Catalog
Rectangular steel marking tool dies

Flat and Rectangular Marking Dies

Schmidt offers a variety of rectangular dies for use as an insert or in a press. Any pattern or design can be engraved.

Flat and Rectangular Die Holders

Dove tail or t-bolt slot die holders available for mounting into roll marking or press marking machines.


Plain Round Dies

Plain round dies and solid lettering knurls available

Schmidt's plain round dies can be used as an insert or in a press to mark codes, trademarks, part numbers or other legends. Available in any diameter or length.

Solid Lettering Knurls

Schmidt offers solid engraved lettering knurls, a basic round die used in roll marking machines, lathes, or screw machine knurl holders. They may be engraved with part numbers, trademark, company name or other legend.

Solid lettering knurls require a knurl support carriage or a knurl holder.


Steel Marking Shank Dies

Shank Style Dies - Rectangular, Round, or Radial

Schmidt offers a variety of shank style dies, available in both rectangular or round. The shank size and lengths are machined to suit the ram of the press and the application.

Radially engraved shank style dies are also available for use in a press when a radial impression is desired on a flat surface.


Steel Marking Tools, combination die

Combination Engraved Die and Type Holder

An engraved die with recesses for interchangeable type permits changing a portion of the legend such as model number, serial number, date, etc., while the basic engraving remains constant.



Steel Marking Embossing Dies

Embossing Dies

Schmidt offers male/female embossing dies, used in matched pairs to produce raised characters or designs. Embossing dies are best suited for thin sheet stock material.


Steel Marking Tool Guide Catalog, click to download

Steel Marking Tools Guide Catalog

This catalog discusses our full line of steel marking tools, type holders and fixtures. It also covers general marking guidelines, pressure requirements and our standard code & design chart. Click brochure image to view, download or print.

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