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Pneumatic Roll Marking Machines

Schmidt offers two pneumatic roll marking machines ideal for marking flat or round parts with minimal tonnage requirements.

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Pneumatic Roll Marking Machine Information

Schmidt's pneumatic roll markers offer 1.45 to 3 tons of marking force and are great for marking mild steel, tool steel and soft aluminum.


Series 9 Roll Marker


Bench top Design Roll Marker - Series 9

The Series 9 is a light-duty unit that offers clean pneumatic operation and outstanding performance with lots of operating flexibility. The standard Series 9 is designed for manual loading and unloading of parts. With a flip of a switch, the Series 9 can also be used as a press marker.



Series 12 Pneumatic Roll Marking MachineFloor Standing Roll Marking Machine - Series 12

The Series 12 is capable of roll marking your round or flat parts, as well as acting as a press marker. The benefit of roll marking is that the characters are applied one at a time. This reduces marking pressure and allows up to 4 lines of 1/8” characters, one character per line at the same time, in a single roll marking cycle. When operated in the press mode 4 - 1/8” characters can be applied.



Pneumatic Roll Marking Fixturing & Tooling

Both the Series 9 and Series 12 offer a range of marking pressures, die spaces, and table sizes. Tooling and fixturing for either roll or press marking is available in most cases from stock at Schmidt. To roll mark flat parts a round type holder is required, and to roll mark round parts a roller bearing cradle and a straight type holder are necessary.

For more specific information on our Series 9 or Series 12, please see the features and benefits tab or the specs and dimensions.

Hydraulic Roll Marking Machines
For part marking applications that require additional power and force.

Rotary Roll Marking Machines
For the high speed, high production marking on the periphery of round cylindrical parts.

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Pneumatic Roll Markers - Specifications and Dimensions

Dimensions for Series 9 Pneumatic Roll Marker

Series 9 Roll Marking Machine

Click here to view 2D Drawing of Series 9 Pneumatic Roll Marking Machine

View 2D PDF Drawing

Click here to view 3D Model of Series 9

View 3D PDF Model

Features & Benefits:

  • Bench-mount design saves valuable floor space
  • “Air cushion” operation assures uniform depth of impression.
  • Built-in filter/regulator and lubricator means low maintenance costs.
  • Pneumatic die slide travel, with separate hand valve, provides quick set-up and a smooth rolling stroke.
  • Anti-tie-down dual hand controls ensure operator safety

Series 9 Roll Marker

Series 9 Specifications

Max. Ram Pressure 1.45 tons (2,800 lbs)
Max. Ram Stroke 1/2"
Max. Cross Slide Stroke 3-1/2"
Die Space (Height) 7-1/2"
Throat 3-7/16"
Table Size 8-1/2"W x 6"D
Weight 200 lbs.
Min/Max. Working Pressure 20/100 PSI


Dimensions for Series 12 Pneumatic Roll Marker

Series 12 Roll Marking Machine

Dimensions for Series 9 Pneumatic Roll Marking Machine

View or Download Pneumatic Series 12 PDF

Features & Benefits:

  • 3 ton maximum marking pressure.
  • 12” vertical die space.
  • Clean pneumatic operation.
  • Adjustable cross slide stroke.
  • Anti-tie-down dual hand controls.
  • Multimode operations.
  • Accommodates standard Schmidt tooling.

Series 12 Roll Marker

Series 12 Specifications

Max. Ram Pressure 3 tons (6,000 lbs)
Max. Ram Stroke 1/2"
Max. Cross Slide Stroke 6"
Die Space (Height) 12"
Throat 4” at 22” Side plates
Table Size 10"W x 6"D
Weight 1200 lbs.
Min/Max. Working Pressure 20/100 PSI


Tooling & Fixturing for Roll Marking Machines

Tooling and fixturing for either roll or press marking is available in most cases from stock at Schmidt, custom options available. To roll mark round parts a roller bearing cradle and a straight type holder are necessary. To roll mark flat parts a round type holder and support carriage is required.

Roller Bearing Cradle fixture for Roll Markers

Roller Bearing Cradle:

Roller bearing cradles are fixtures that can be mounted on the tables of roll markers to support and locate solid round parts or heavy walled tubing for peripheral marking. Parts are loaded on these fixtures manually, and peripheral impressions are made using flat dies or straight type holders mounted in a machine slide. Dies roll over the periphery of the part causing it to rotate while marking. Standard cradles are carried in stock.

Special Cradles: We also make custom cradles to your specs.

Standard Roller Bearing Cradles
Stock Numbers Model Number Work Diameters
032721 9701-0B 1/4" to 7/16"
032722 9701-1B 3/8" to 1"
032723 9701-2B 3/4" to 2"
032724 9701-3B 1-3/4" to 4-1/2"


Knurl Carriage for Roll Markers

Round (Knurl) Support Carriage:

Knurl support carriages are designed to hold and support round type holders and solid lettering knurls. The carriage is mounted to the machine die slide for roll marking flat parts. Several sizes are available in stock in both t-slot and dovetail mounts.

Knurl Support Carriages
Bore Knurl
032735 3/4" 3/4" 3" 7289-D2 T-Slot
032789 3/4" 3/4" 3" 7975 Dovetail


Stud Arbor Fixture for Roll Markers

Stud Arbor Fixture:

Hollow round parts often are supported on arbors for marking. Plain Stud Arbor Table Fixtures are suitable where marking may appear at any point on the periphery. When a range of sizes needs to be marked, interchangeable stud arbors can be furnished for the same fixture base. A Spring Return Type Arbor is required for marking at the same starting point for each part. The spring return feature allows the stud arbor to return to its correct starting position after each marking cycle.



Diode Laser Brochure - Click here to download

Roll Marking Machines Catalog

This brochure discusses our pneumatic and hydraulic machines for roll marking of flat or round parts.

Included: Basics of Roll Marking, Pressure requirements, Features & Benefits, Specifications, Tooling & Fixturing, as well as dimension drawings.

Click brochure image to view and download. Get Adobe Reader software here for free.

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Roll Marking Machine Videos

These videos demonstrate our Series 9 and Series 12 pneumatic roll marking machines.

Series 9 Roll Marking machine with Automatic part feeder
Series 9 Roll marking machine
Floor standing Series 12 Roll marking machine