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Separate Marking Heads for Integration & Automation

Dot Peen pin marking separate marking heads for integration



Schmidt pin marking and scribe marking systems are available as separate heads in a wide range of tool envelope sizes and with standard marking field sizes ranging from 1” x 2.5” to 8” x 8” to integrate with virtually any manufacturing operation, part assembly, test cell or robotic application. 


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Schmidt's Separate Marking Heads Integration Capabilities

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Separate pin marking head suspended over custom dial plate for marking various drill bits Three separate pin marking heads marking simultaneously Separate pin marking head mounted on a robot marking automotive car bodies

Separate suspended head for marking various size drill bits

3 separate pin marking heads marking a drill bit simultaneously

Head mounted on a robotic arm marking automotive car bodies

Pin marking separate head with sound enclosure and reader and verifier Separate pin marking head mounted on an adjustable linear slide with a vertically mounted 3 jaw rotary chuck Mounted separate pin marking head with an adjustable pneumatic clamp

Marking head in a sound enclosure with reader & verifier

mounted on an adjustable slide w/vertical mounted 3 jaw chuck

Separate head mounted with an adjustable pneumatic clamp


Schmidt manufactures separate marking heads and controls designed for automation and integration into current manufacturing operations. These marking heads can be mounted into existing work cells, positioned at the end of robotic arms, or designed to hang from a hoist or air balancer.

A wide array of self-contained or PC based controllers are available for simple input or complete networking applications.

Our separate marking heads can be equipped with programmable powered z-axis for automatic marking height adjustment. For harsh environments, an optional shutter shield assembly moves in conjunction with our dot peen marking pin to guard against dirt and debris that may contaminate the internal components.

With Schmidt's in-house engineering and extensive application knowledge, we offer complete customization capabilities that include electrical, mechanical, and software to meet and exceed your marking application requirements.

Click here to see some of our custom pin marking machine examples.


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Below are some examples of separate marking heads available for integration. Schmidt can customize and manufacture a marking head specific to your application needs.

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1" by 4" seperate marking head for integration

View 3D model of Stinger w/Guard

From our Portable Pin Marking Stinger® & Super Stinger® - two "S" Heads are available.

  • 1" x 2.5" - stinger head
  • 1" x 4" - super stinger head
  • 2" x 4" - ultra stinger head
  • Can be mounted or integrated into your manufacturing cell or operation
  • Available with Splash Guard as shown in 3D model


4" by 4" separate marking head for integration

View 3D model of 4x4 Marking Head

From our Mark3® & Mark4® Pin Markers, three "S" head sizes are available.

  • 2" x 3" , 4" x4", or 8" x 8" envelope sizes
  • Separate marking head with a mounting bracket for attaching the marking head to a linear slide assembly, articulating arm, robot, static mounting block, etc.
  • Portable marking heads with operator handles and trigger switch for portable work stations or back-up tooling systems.

Scribeliner scribe marker separate marking head

View 3D model of 1x4 Marking Head

From our Scribeliner® scribe marking series a separate marking head is available.

  • Available with 1” x 4”, 4” x 3” and 6” x 6” standard marking fields
  • Scribers are the best choice where a quiet, deep, recoverable mark is required and clamp tooling is to be utilized.
  • For production line integration with custom designed clamp fixturing or robotic arm mounting.

3" by 5" seperate marking head for integration

View 3D model of custom S head

Example of a Custom 3-Axis "S" Head

This 3-axis "S" Head is featured with a programmable z-axis to allow for automatic positioning of the vertical axis for marking.

  • 5” x 3” marking field with a 1.5” powered Z axis
  • Best suited for marking variable part heights in automated applications
  • Eliminates need to adjust head between marks


Software & Controls for Schmidt's Mountable Marking Heads

Screen shot of Schmidt Stylewrite softwareDot Peen Pin Marking System Software

Communications for the Styliner® "S" separate marking heads are are interfaced with a robust, stable and very flexible software package. The StyleWrite for Windows software is available with 2D barcode, 2D data matrix capability enabled as an option.

Schmidt's Style40 DOS software is now being upgraded to StyleWrite for Windows.please contact your local Schmidt product specialits.

Click here to download full version and updated Styliner StyleWrite software.


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Dot Peen Pin Marking System Controls

Controls for Schmidt Styliner and Scribe marking systemsControls for the Styliner® "S" separate marking heads are available in different configurations to accommodate a variety of machine requirements. The MS Win7 controls, pictured here, combines Schmidt machine controls and a self contained pc with Windows 7 embedded on a flash card aboard the pc. Click here to see all of Schmidt's control options.

Schmidt's MS104 Controllers with DOS software are now being upgraded to controllers running StyleWrite for Windows. If you are currently running the DOS software and would like to discuss your upgrade options, please contact your local Schmidt product specialits.

If you are a current customer looking for set up instructions on your Styliner marking system with MS Win7, MS WIN or MS MiniWIN controls, please see our set up tutorial videos.

Click to download this Mark3 Brochure

Automation "S" Head Brochure

This brochure discusses our complete line of standard marking heads and controls to integrate with virtually any manufacturing operation, part assembly, test cell or robotic application.  Styliner® “S” heads can be positioned vertically, horizontally, inverted, or any compound angle as required by the application. 


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Click here to view all of our marking machine catalogs and brochures.

Custom Marking Head Integration Application:

Custom Pin Marking - 3 Dot Peen marking heads, one drill bit

A manufacturer of oil drill rock bit cones was looking for a part marking solution that would increase their production rate and reduce operator physical labor. Schmidt met this challenge by integrating 3 of our Styliner® pin marking heads into one system capable of handling their wide range of part sizes. This custom machine also simultaneously placed individual marks in three different locations on each part.