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Part Marking Case Histories by Schmidt Marking Systems

We at Schmidt learned a long time ago the value of a satisfied customer - especially one that presented us with a particularly challenging application - and then allows us to share that story of success with others.

We have archived many part marking applications and are pleased to share some of them with you. Please click on the company name below to read the case history article, or select the product category for more information on that specific marking machine.

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A Collection of Schmidt Manufacturing Solution Case Histories


Product - MicroLase Laser Marking System

Laser marked part - Schmidt Microlase Laser marking system

Traceability is a critical aspect of manufacturing in the aircraft and aerospace businesses where demand for accountability has always been high.  No matter how the marking is done, it must accommodate strict standards for surface finishes, dimensional control and marking accuracy.


Product - Dot Peen Pin Marking (Styliner® Mark4)

Marking Axles at Dexter with Schmidt Styliner dot peen pin marking machine

With the potential for 50 product changes during an eight-hour shift on an axle assembly line, part marking for traceability has to be fast, accurate, permanent, and simple to operate.


Product - Portable Hand Held Pin Marking (Styliner® Stinger)

Portable dot peen marking - hand held pin marker at MerCruiser

For an Oklahoma marine stern drive manufacturer, "fully integrated manufacturing" includes marking for total traceability.


Product - Laser Marking Systems

Laser marking machine by Schmidt Marking Systems

How do you get a clearer, more legible mark, while at the same time speeding up the marking process. PGI International of Houston found a way using a Schmidt Microlase laser marking system.


Product - Hydraulic Roll Marking

gas cylinder roll marked by Schmidt Marking Systems

So - how do you reduce marking cycle time by almost 90%?
Catalina Cylinders of Garden Grove, CA presented Schmidt with a unique challenge.


Product - Embossing Dies (Steel Marking Tools)

Embossing by Schmidt for Sunbeam

Sunbeam wanted to streamline production of its popular grill product lines. So they contacted Schmidt for some help with one of their processes. Find out how Schmidt engineers worked closely with Sunbeam's Engineering staff to combine the cutting and marking processes into one step to create a more efficient, two-step process.


Product - Dot Peen Pin Marking (Styliner® Mark4)

Dot peening - marking on nameplates

This selection highlights an application at ITT Bell and Gosset, Morton Grove, IL. The challenge - process optimization - in a least likely area - the nameplate.


Product - Styliner Mark3 (Dot Peen Pin Marking)

Dot peening - Schmidt Styliner Mark3 pin marking system

What do you do when you discover the products you manufacture are being counterfeited and, worse yet, the counterfeit products are causing serious performance problems for your customers? Read this study and find out how this Oklahoma manufacturer of pipe cutting, beveling and clamping equipment used a Schmidt dot peen marker to solve a potential nightmare.


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